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  • I don't know if you'll see this, but happy birthday! I hope you have/had a good day.
    Yooo, your signature syntax is broken! You have to put ||| between the pictures if you want it to pick a random one.
    So I just finished the episode where Andy does the birthday party! I started at the beginning of season six, since I can't use my computer and that's all my tele's on-demand has. But it's really awesome so far! I already love all the characters (though Ron is clearly the best).

    Also, I can't text for a while (if you haven't already noticed) thanks to parents and the like. I'll shoot you a text as soon as I can!
    Haha, you could make time.

    I really like your style, though. And you're good at colouring, which can be a real pain.
    Yeah, I've been that way too; GIMP was acting up, so I kind of lost motivation. I've been websiting a lot lately.
    Hm, I'll check it out. I doubt I'll buy it because I need my money, but I might as well try it.

    How's your art been lately?
    Oh, good! What kind of game is it? I imagined it as kind of a Fire Emblem kind of thing, but I've been wrong before.
    Oh, okay. I'll make sure to tell you about it if I do watch/play it!

    Also, sorry for the mega-late reply, but A Link Between Worlds is great! You probably know that it's set up Four Swords-style, but it's actually very challenging; I've had to think for a lot longer on these dungeons than I have on Skyward Sword, or any other Zelda game for a while! I really recommend it.
    O rly! Well, thanks for recommending it to me!
    I'm considering Dangan Ronpa because I've heard way too much about it not to be curious, any opinion on it?
    That sounds about right!

    I've been meaning to watch a few animes lately, so I was curious. I don't seem to have time for any of them, though (and I don't have Netflix).
    I have no idea. I remember something about a nipple ring. It was about an engagement, I think.

    Oh. Where'd you watch that?
    I have only watched that show once and it was hilarious.

    Also what is your avatar from?
    ...That's really strange. Maybe I'm losing it.

    What would you change your blog title to, anyway? The only thing I could think of would be Uxiea, because Absolutely, Scootaloo, and Cards are almost certainly taken.
    Wait, so you've never used Uxiea as a blog name? I could've sworn you had an old, unused art blog or something.
    I plan to keep my current one. It took a lot of inner strength to change it from Qvalador but Qvalador is not a blog name, it is a username.

    ...That's strange, though. I thought it was something that pertained to Uxie or something? Or do you have another blog?
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