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  • A couple days ago! The frame made a lot of Pokémon look off-center and it's been bothering me for a while... Like Mawile is in the middle of its bubble with its horns lolling off to one side, and I think the circle makes it actually look more like that?? Whereas the frame just made it look way off-center.
    History is like my worst subject ._. I'm best at writing and math. When I actually do my work, that is :3
    I actually just did midterms last week. I think finals are all gonna be toward the middle-end of May for me :o

    Lol really though like you ever get this really bad feeling that something terrible happened or is happening or is about to happen so you just feel terribly anxious all the time? D:
    I haven't been feeling myself lately :/ I'll post before the DQ, I just haven't been in the mood to be thinking about commands
    oh I haven't; the difference in timezones means that to me, the reffing went up at 04-14-2015, 04:05 AM, so I thought I had three days, not two. Oh well!
    It's the standard procedure anyway, so, no pressure on being altruistic.

    In fact, if you did refuse, I'd have to figure out who else gets the slot, and that's been enough of a problem wrt Coloursfall.
    By the way, in the quite likely even that Bluberry Bat doesn't make the DQ time on the tournament, you'll be in line to take her place. Would you like to?
    Tomorrow will make it one month since you posted that challenge. When they want to take it off the Challenge Board, would you want to have it left up there, or just drop it or..?

    Personally I really wanted to see that battle through, but it's up to you :o
    I'm not sure? I mean I feel bad about shutting her down, but on the other hand it's been two weeks since she's been online. So I'll leave it up to you, if that's okay.
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