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  • D: oh noooo think of any other song you can!

    Yeah, I meant DS :c

    ...nope, I really only have my DS (and don't own any Mario games since no one will get one for me.)
    why did you have to make me think of the song "Friday" whyy

    ^^ Fine~

    do you have wi-fi?
    Well then, I wish you the best of luck on your speech. Ahh, how I miss doing speeches for my English class and nearly fainting in front of the class. Good times, good times.... C':

    As for me.... I'm working on physics homework at the moment and trying to complete it as fast as possible. I'm also working on a programming assignment of mine. x3
    Never read the book or saw the film; been meaning to but I'm too lazy for my own good.

    Indeed, indeed. *Nods* So how are you doing?
    SomeGuy? But, but, I'm just some guy— my e-mail address under the "Contact Info" tab is proof of it. D:

    Hi there by the way. :3
    Yep. Main reason why I accepted, at least we're on equal ground as far as experience...
    Ah, yes, Mewtini can influence people to join stuff. This is the second person she's brought~

    Welcome to TCoD! I am Markku, your resident bass player. I try not to post in intro threads too much, I take it to the VM's :3
    Enjoy your stay here and try not to explode. That wouldn't be pleasant!
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