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  • stuff like that happens to me constantly omg i don't know how people keep track of everything

    I almost lost my first ever battle because I (wrongly) assumed Treecko was faster than Poliwag. It still doesn't make sense to me.
    But Gothita is faster than Elgyem so that shouldn't matter?

    EDIT: also ILS' clause about Snatching a Substitute would decrease his priority until his Elgyem knows whether or not I'm making a Substitute, so either way
    right but Swords Dance can't reflect projectiles in the games either

    Really it's up to the ref's discretion in the end, but there is precedent for it
    Yeah the description says it prevents the regaining of health through any means, or at least through the effects of any move, so I assumed that would work
    I finally got around to fixing that battle! I also reimbursed you for your Litleo a while back.
    True that. It's a simple enough match, so hopefully a ref would pick it up quickly :3
    Oh, what about Attract? I didn't check if our matching Pokes are even able to use it on each other, but. My squad is fixed though, they're all in there~
    I've been using my phone this whole time lulz
    Awesome, that sounds good. About the banned moves though, you may have forgotten Counter? Or do our Pokémon just not know it? In any case, I'll know not to use cheap avoiding moves and stuff.

    And eh, there's no rule not to, and I was reading someone's discussion of that on the Challenge Board or something and apparently someone did that frequently in the old league. I really don't see why not though, especially cause our two battles are so different :o
    Something with Guillotine perhaps, so our Pokes' moves would be matched? In that case, I'm forgetting the specific name of this type of match now, but wanna make it like Guillotine user vs Guillotine user and so on, but like the winner of each round doesn't battle the next? Basically make it like a best 2/3 match?

    And thanks! I've been wanting to battle on cereal since the old league :3
    Oh btw would you be willing to battle me in my giant bowl of Lucky Charms cereal too? Nobody seems to ever like the cereal arena, idk if there's something wrong with it or :(
    Oh shit wait what my Aerodactyl can't instantly murder anyone?? D: Well that's fine, a 2vs2 sounds cool. But yeah come up with some badass rules or something, I'll go along with a creative battle.
    Wahhh, more homework? D:
    ...ok, I'll do some Googling, but only when I'm a little less swamped :3 *is currently at work lulz*

    Hmm it would probably turn into a "oh hey lets figure out all the different ways we can avoid this" battle unless we ban moves like Protect/Detect, Substitute, and maybe even things that help you avoid things, like Dive/Fly, idk.

    Ooh, how about each Pokémon can only use like a certain number of unique moves throughout the battle, and one HAS to be an OHKO?
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