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  • I know you've been super busy with real life things lately, so just a reminder about your cereal battle with Aletheia, rather than a DQ Warning.
    mine does too but he also repeats himself a lot and laughs at his own jokes, which I think is more a senility thing...
    history is one of those things I can babble on about forever... (babbling about things is incidentally one of my favorite activities)

    I do enjoy math, though- I've always liked completing things, in a sense? of course my academic experiences with it have somewhat dampened the appeal
    Yeah, I'm in the same position there and I know how it is, so I hoped maybe I could help make your day a little brighter. c:
    Hi, Munchkin! I saw some of your posts in the grr thread recently and I remember some of the things you posted a few years ago, so I just wanted to say that I really hope everything works out for you and I really hope you'll be okay. :C
    that's when I have my oral exam

    that's not causing me any worry though because I love history
    it would be possible, but- I don't think status effects are that bad? I can't just ban every non-damaging move e.e
    I did in fact forget it, there are so many sneaky moves :v I will add it and post the challenge tomorrow so that I do not have to struggle with BBcode on my phone >:\ get the relevant pokes in your squad!
    that's kind of perfect? I have purchased a pawniard accordingly

    does 45 sound like a good cap? I think a bout should last at least three rounds :P
    sadly it cannot :( aerodactyls are weak. still, you've made me consider investing in another OHKO-capable Poke! what would you recommend :o

    in fact I would see refs being apprehensive about your cereal extravaganza since there's a lot of rolling involved... but I shall battle you, if fortune allows it!
    that actually sounds great! in fact I've found protective moves to be much more irritating than I imagine OHKOs to be >:o so it'd definitely be interesting to see a match without the possibility for that. in practice most people don't use that many different moves in match anyway, especially when there's a type weakness, so... I'll work on it!

    I also made a helpful list of Pokemon we both currently own capable of performing OHKOs, which would make this a 2v2
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