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  • terrible. if you have any sort of positive interest in creepypasta I urge you to inform yourself

    I actually am unsure about how to make it work! and would definitely appreciate some input ;w; naturally there will be a high-ish damage cap and a limit (e.g. one action every round must be an OHKO or something), but... is this actually practical??? who knows

    what if OHKOs are the only damaging moves allowed. what if
    hm... would you happen to have any interest in the SCP Foundation? or be willing to endure my OHKOs-are-compulsory idea?
    of course, of course, I can basically say the same

    I'd be very glad to finish our battle ;o
    oh my gosh you're back!! you probably don't remember me (given name/typing style changes etc.) but... yes...
    I do believe it is finished.

    And I am sorry because it didn't turn out how I wanted and probably not how you wanted and gaaaaaaaa *cries in shoulder*
    Eh... I can try, but I'm not seeing it. But... OH WAIT, Cayuga is the dragon, isn't she? Yayaya, I s'pose I see the neck thing there. I think I see exactly what's wrong, there. Indeed. Goodygoody. I think I'm going to be busy most of tomorrow, so I might not get to work too much then, but soon, I promise.

    ... And maybe chibis. We'll see. Chibi Kolyma would be wearing casual clothes, so. Yeah.
    HERE IT IS. I'll have to maker her legs a bit bigger or everything else smaller. This is good? Bad? Jelly Beans?
    Oh, one more thing-Kind of important-how big is Cayuga? Just an approximation. Size of a horse, or massive elephant-size dragon of hugeness? WHAAAALE SIZE DRAGON OF GARGANTUAN-NESS?! Oh, and what sort of time this is in. I'm assuming fairly modern, if she's prone to wearing skin-tight swinsuits.
    Eeeeeexcelent. One more thing, would a water dragon have wings? Is it basically a big sea-snake, or just a really sleek-looking blue dragon?
    So, question about your request: Do you want it it hand-drawn, or digital? This is definetly one of the ones that will be extremely difficult digital, but very simple traditionally. Also, what about color? Would you like it or not?
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