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  • lolz, i agree. let's just keep our anger secret. rossymore is a lot more likable. she has patience and she likes to interact with new people. Heck as soon as I signed up she was being nice to me in all ways possible. be nice to her and she'll be nice to you. now we just have to wait on that dufus to reff. X(
    he tried to call me a n00b. X( i'm the only one making freakin formulas. but, together we can conquer ASB! Muahahahahahahaha! 8)
    I know. i miss ASB. T_T I like your team, btw. ^^ maybe we can have another battle, lolz. I haven't evolved any of mine so don't worry and maybe we can actually finish it this time. X)
    i know, i joined serebii just for asb and it's horrible. X( well yeah, asb here is a lot more simple. i made it a formula for reffing cuz i'm the best reff they got. ^^ i'm the bug gym leader/Malicious Madam (wut I make them call me)
    -so my baby's will be okay?
    ancy and under severe pressure. moving August first and yeah. I've got all these duties...
    -reffing on another forum which you might like (since it's fresh and new you can be a gym leader ^^ i'm one already!)
    -hatching 4 baby dragons (have you clicked them by any chance?)
    -all these other RPG's
    -drawing stuff for that other forum
    -and packing!!!X(
    *would u like the link?*
    We'll have to settle for whatever Negrek said, since we can't bring her back early or force her to stay longer. XD

    Well, that sucks. D:
    I suppose we should wait to see what Negrek wants to do.

    I thought she was only going for a month, not two. I expected her back weeks ago. o.o
    If we can't continue, we'll start over and try again. And Midna won't lose to Vixen!

    Yeah. I had been meaning to back-up a whole lot of stuff. Just didn't get around to it, and now I (and the rest of the forum) payed the price. :P
    Well, we way yet. :P If LoaC had the last reffing he did, and provided Negrek doesn't make everyone start from scratch, then we'll just re-issue commands from that last reffing. :D We'll see youugh. :P
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