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  • I have no idea what that even is D: But I'm completely open to trying any type of special rules you may want to implement~ :)
    You can go ahead and challenge me, so the arena can be up to you this time. Currently my only active battle is actually on that very same magically floating chessboard :o
    You were my opponent that time I originally posted the chessboard battle years ago! Star69! Lol yeah I'm back~
    It's cause ASB lol
    Don't worry about it, there are tons of rules for teensy eensy situations and it's very difficult to keep track of them all. As long as it was corrected~
    Also I'll try to get around to fixing your battles in the db tomorrow.

    Also also I don't see any problems with an SCP-themed battle!
    Well, I was on Smogon for a while before disappearing from the Pokemon-centric nets. I'm also on the BBS as Iento.
    Hi! I'm going to try and implement tournament prizes in the next couple days, but idk how easy that'll be, so if you want your free Litleo ASAP, just buy one normally, link it to me, and I'll reimburse you.
    The most clutch Water Pulse of all time. Of all time!

    Sorry mate, That's Pokémon. :( maybe the luck will cancel out and I'll roll Explosion or Selfdestruct on Metronome.
    Well now don't be so down, I mean it DID culminate in massive destruction and great damage to a national monument. I mean really, what more could one ask for?

    In all seriousness, good battle. This whole thing is a tad of a mess anyhow, so we'll be yet to see if the tournament as a whole goes anywhere. History does not necessarily look promising, but what can you do. Hope there's no hard feelings though, Pokémon is pretty much the singular instance of catalysing competitiveness in me. Serious business, clearly.

    Definitely looking forward to the dance off though, that will be fun. Many compliments on your music roll. Radiohead. <3
    Oh, if the trainers haven't changed their active squads yet, you can stick it in the database now and no-one will know a thing :P If they have, I'll go bug Zhorken about it.

    We really need to edit the rules/ref HQ first posts to say refs need to add battles to the database OTL
    Perhaps. But that was only the first round.

    Then again, if I lose I fulfil my promise to Mike and get a free bat... hmmm...
    Oh, cool :D Yeah pets being good at construction is pretty novel to me, since my bird destroys everything within her beak's reach, so. That's really cool!
    Oh yes I remember now :D Well I guess for any future gifts it'll be reindeer Zhorken giving them to you.
    How are the rats? Still cute? :D
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