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Bluberry Bat
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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn hi bộ đội uy danh cực kỳ hiển hách, trực thuộc vào Quân khu III. Trường hợp bình thường rõ ràng là không thể nào có được cơ hội giống như thế này. Nhưng điều khiển cho bọn họ cảm thấy cực kỳ bất mãn chính là, ngay vừa mới bước chân vào cổng chính, thế nhưng đã bị người của hộp đêm từ chối cho vào!

    Tuy rằng vô cùng phẫn nộ, nhưng đám quân nhân sĩ quan này cũng không dám làm ra những phản ứng gì quá khích cả. Kim Bích Huy Hoàng một khi đã dám mở ra tại khu vực Thủ phủ của Lạc Nhật Châu, nơi đám quân nhân sĩ quan của Quân đội Liên Bang hoành hành khắp nơi như thế này, lại có thể duy
    Hey, you've got 48 hours to send out a Pokemon in your tournament battle against Ampharos.
    I did in fact enjoy it myself! I think we definitely earned the hypothetical entertainment award, no doubt about it, though I do wish I had gotten a usable Pokemon out of it >:(

    I am in love with the arena? I hope I can convey this accurately AND I JUST REALIZED I FORGOT TO FIX THE HYPERLINK AND NOW NO ONE CAN LISTEN TO THE ACTUAL SONG -shakes fist-

    but yeah. my music taste is something I am very proud of
    I actually looked through our conversation up to this point and it appears I just.... convinced you to read my MLP fan fiction at some point. incredible
    I was so confused by the name of my tourney opponent but then I realized it's just you.... dastardly name changer
    Oh, no, the midterm dates were set from the moment the semester began, it's just that they're all before reading week. So the dates are reliable but deadly.

    Well I mean I understand your going off on the mini tangent there, the attitude towards artists is pretty |<-worthy, but uh if you want me to notify you when you go on a passionate rant I can... try to pay enough attention to prod you gently? Generally I just take the conversation as it goes :'D
    Anyway, art is literally my life, there is no discouraging me from it (outside of just general art block but hey, that's a fact of the artist life). So you don't have to worry about that :P But I get what you mean, it strikes a chord in me, too. No harm in having a back-up, though? (and hey, I do psychology too :D I'm a bio-psych double major)

    Hmm, I haven't heard that song, at least, no. I listen to the radio a lot so I hear a lot of songs but don't really know who they're by, so I might've heard something by them? Who knows. Radiohead I recognize, and Metallica (mostly because of MF here). Thing is, outside of the radio, I mostly only listen to like East Asian ballads because I'm boring ;; Well I find them soothing, and since I don't understand (most of) what they're saying it's not as distracting when I work.
    It's great to hear it's got you picking up instruments again :D I mean once you get past the initial frustrating part of knowing how to coax notes out of it, I find the learning's not that bad!
    ughhh it should be like two weeks from now but all my professors simultaneously decided to move tests /before/ reading week so we don't slack off or something and ??? Then what is reading week even for, then? Recuperating from dying from exams, I guess

    Ah I forgot to mention that after this bio degree they're gonna let me do an art degree, yeah uh that's kind of important otherwise I would've flipped shit. I mean I already don't like their attitude but I'm a good tiny obedient golden Asian child and it's not really worth blowing up at them because in a few years' time I'll get my wish. Besides, I do really love bio, it's my second favourite thing by a large margin and I'm learning a lot and I really enjoy it n_n

    That's great to hear :D Experience and connections are great things to have (great things that I still need to get, incidentally, but I just want to stay inside all day and do my own things ;; )
    It's always really nice to see kids getting interested and passionate about stuff like that at a young age c: Iii only know three of the five and I've only listened to Pink Floyd, but! I know what you mean about the slight jealousy, I remember when I was in middle school I saw people doing amazing art at 18 and I was like I'LL WORK HARD AND BE LIKE THEM and now I'm almost 20 and I'm like well darn. But in any case it's great to see talent and passion, so.
    It's a lot of work, I'm surprised the Boss Lady managed it for so long. Things will probably take a bit to stabilize since the switch from an iron dictator to a team that doesn't know 100% of how to do things yet is a bit tumultuous, but! Hopefully we pick things up fairly quick!

    I uh, nope. This week's been fairly busy for me so I've mostly just been trying to keep up with the essentials OTL Next week is gonna be even worse, it's midterm season so yeahhh. I did notice the bar fight, though, that was certainly familiar.

    Ah, yeah, I'm pretty lucky ;; I mean my parents didn't let me go into art, which was my first choice, for fear of me becoming a starving artist or something, but I'm doing a bio degree which is still something I'm very much interested in.
    Oh, that sounds like a really good starting point to where you want to go :D I mean you know what they say about having ~experience~ and all that, so here's hoping it helps to land you a cool job!
    Yeah like. Almost half a decade. I was like 15 back then? Now I'm almost 20??? THAT FEELS SO WEIRD TO SAY

    Ahh, I see. Yeah I don't blame you for that, those were... tense times, to say the least. We made it through, though, and ASB is back~ Helping to run it is more hectic than I expected especially now there isn't One Boss Lady to Rule Them All, but I think we're managing.

    Hmm, well I'm in university now, and for the most part I'm enjoying it (except for midterm/exam seasons, those are just utter hell)! Besides that, uh... man, I'm boring. I can't think of much else to say.
    I'd call you Dwagie but that's not really your user now so. Should I just call you Sable or

    We haven't talked in so long omg ;o; How've you been?
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