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Bluberry Bat
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    Beergamont. Yes. And then we can all get drunk off the tea. And it will be awesome.

    Mike will somehow salt the tea no matter where he is, really. He'll probably teleport over and dump a truckload of salt in while we aren't looking, even if he's not invited.
    I don't know exactly what the party sprites are for but I have a guess that I can't tell you about. :V Patience!
    rrrgfl stuff is out of the way now I can finally catch up around here. PMing you the gym stuff now, and will get to the registry next (though you may also want to prod moony about checking them unless Negrek gets to them first). Sorry D:
    Eh, you're not missing much. It wasn't a terribly good movie and was mostly only funny because it was so blatantly raunchy for a film purported to be for children. "Ben" is apparently one of the nicknames for Thing 2.

    Actually, I was trying to be stealthy as per usual, so I didn't buy a new washibon voucher. All of my voucher gifts were things I'd originally bought for myself but then tweaked when I realized I could go without and just change them to things I could give other people, and ~no one would know~ and everyone would be ~surprised~ but then duplicates happened and derp. :P
    Hah, nope, no reference. Not intentionally. I just gave him a feminine name to go with Ben's masculine name. Ben was originally a reference to the Cat in the Hat movie, which I'd only done because I'd bought three gifts at the same time and randomly decided to name them all based on that, but then you kept it, and, well. She needed a manlady friend. :)
    Yes. This will be awesome.
    Although the Magikarps will probably Splash all of the tea out of the cup... :(

    I think I need more Porygons.

    Yes. I think out three-way battle in which we attempt to beat up Mike using offal kinda got abandoned in the middle for some reason...
    ... we should have an epic Magikarp battle with everyone who has Magikarps.

    :3 Maybe. I'm going to rapidly run out of nicknames at this rate though (there are only so many variations of Canon I can use).
    As soon as Gen V comes out in English, I might try to get in the competition for fakecount.
    oh hey dwagie

    I noticed you were submitting a fake for the dex registry and needed a sprite. Do you mind if I tried to sprite it?
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