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  • Hey, so you think we should get an e-ref for our battle? Because it's been, like, a month.
    It is the Undertaker :D
    And no, I didn't go cosplaying as a Naruto character yet. I'm going as one this October. ^< I'm going to be Kankuro's first puppet, muahaha
    You have the only volbeat.

    I have the only illumise.

    Sometime, we must battle. But not right now, because I'm theoretically (I have one slot open, but I'm already planning a battle with Windragon) full on slots.

    What do you think?
    Sure thing! It seems things are speeding up now, so I guess everything worked out.
    So how does this look? I did a bit of godmodding but it's necessary sooo:

    The buildings were reconstructed in a day, they'll say. Everything is well once again! Rafael has saved the day, while Angel hid inside of a meeting room all day. The public had a riot, and after a massive outcry the Demon stepped down. He apologized publicly, but no one cared. The end! A fine story to tell the world, I'd say. If at all possible it shall become nonfiction. Flicking her tail like a whip as a sign of satisfaction, she carefully lifted a smaller rock and put it in its place as she maneuvered her way to a slow-moving relicanth. Unbeknownst to her, the small rock landed slightly off-target due to her not looking. It was near, however, and a volunteer blastoise picked it up to put in its correct place. Putting on a chipper smile, she reduced her speed (no need to startle the ancient one, they're probably not as quick-witted as they used to be) and eventually stopped. Speaking slightly slower than she usually would to make it easier to hear, Beauty phrased her request politely but firmly (some older pokemon just didn't know when they had no authority).

    "Hello, dear sir. I am terribly sorry to disturb your day, however as you can see there has been a significant amount of property destroyed and we need whomever we can recruit to help. As you can see that while there is a significant amount of people contributing we are still short on labor; would you mind assisting us?"


    I could change it to whatever you want.
    Oh, okay. He's right outside the palace, right? If don't you mind me describing whatever you want in my next post (maybe he's working, maybe he didn't notice, something?) I can have Beauty notice him and do something in my next post.
    Are you still interested in Tides Under Siege? It's been slowing down lately, and it'd be appreciated if you'd post. That is if you don't want to forget the whole thing and move on, of course.
    I was wondering if in Tides Under Siege, Tur could be my character Jessie's tutor, as she is very interested in history.
    Just want to let you know that the new RSP's started and uh, even if it's closed by the time you get back, you and Darksong can join anytime. Since you guys were part of the old one, and I'd hate to deny anybody that.
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