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  • "Okay, fine, if she's lowering Special Attack, then we'll use physical attacks."
    Fake Tears, as Darksong noted, lowers special defense. Sorry about that.
    I quite liked it~! Pretty original; I wanted to see what *exactly* was up with Ninetales, to be honest x3

    *noms* Thank you :3
    Um! Do you plan on continuing this comic in the future? I enjoyed it, and um... it'd be nice if it continued! Thanks.
    I don't think we have Borders in Canada... alas. :/

    There are a few volumes of Kekkaishi in Chapters, but not many of them.
    Naw we are just heading there for heal up and stuff, and to meet my trainer, who has set me free because of his incident, so as we walk you can meet us, or meet us in veilstone, or just go on your own, it's open world, except you must talk with me about taking in legendaries, the stronger they are the more people are needed to make them faint or weak enough for capture
    Hey you posted a profile on my rp and I wanted to ask if you would be posting, please respond asap
    I think me only being level 20 is bad too. I wonder if my mage would help any...I created a lot of people and only used two of them to help. I must find this leaf.
    I was actually! x3 I'm just having trouble with Garth Goyle :| There isn't anything that revives someone is there?
    YOUR NAME. I UNDERSTAND IT NOW...I just got DQ Sentinels of the Starry Skies and I'm at Zere Rocks right now.
    It's fine, change it around until you find the personality that fits best :3
    It would be fine :D They have to help out each other so they all can escape! That would give it a little plot twist.
    ...:D Thank you! I wouldn't know how to contact Shadowstar since she hasn't been on since last month...but thank you for permission! If she asks me about it, I can tell her you gave permission! :3
    Meh, it could always be worked on, if it would be brought back it wouldn't be the same as the original. I can't think of another title for it, not too good with them. And that sucks that it's going to take so long, but you don't have to bring it back if you don't want to. Mental Note: Maybe Moai would let me DM it with someone else...Nah, it's her RP to control.
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