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  • I know, I'm doing a terrible job, but I just am trying to juggle so many things at once with my life. Blugh. But excuses don't fix the problem, I suppose. My apologies. Next post will be long and not fun for people and they might get kinda mad at me but I'm hoping to actually get things past the point of "find the dam cafeteria," because honestly, Moriarty told us to find the place, but never actually said it was hidden. Part of his evaluation, really. To watch us overthink things. I'll drop the specifics in the next post, and get to the introduction of some actual conflict. Hopefully. Mind you, it'll be a big post. Unattractively big. Possibly big enough to call intimidating.

    Now, I'm going to go see if I can't finish it. Sorry, again.
    Eeeeeeeh, kinda' not really but still sorta. The biggest difference is she can control hers very accurately, whereas Byron is more controlled by his power.
    Feel free to control Brighton a bit. It's sort of a shared pet anyways when we're in our room.

    OOOOH RIGHT. I was a few sentences from being done with one and just spaced it because I had to eat.

    Blah. I'll go finish up.
    Well, for the record, so is deviantArt, BUT I won't argue.

    Mama told me not to argue with stalkers. >____>
    oh shit you seem for serious ._.

    IF IT PLEASES YOU, then I shall. I can't guarantee that I'll always remember it, though. But I'm not doing it yet. Later. For I have only just arrived home from work. I require recreation.
    As much as I hate to be a bother, they are getting ready to come to your gym battle in RtW over on ZEJ. Ya think ya could slip in and post? If you can't, I'll alert them.
    oh, that's uninteresting...

    lol i have this header that says "Where have you been for the past two weeks? Everything is so boring without you. D: Get active again!" scripts don't work occasionally, apparently
    i'm intrigued by the fact that you deleted a message. my curiosity compels me to ask what it said
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