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  • trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty tổng đài tư vấn pháp luật học kế toán tại bắc ninh nhạc sàn u hai bậc, nhưng cảnh giới võ học càng lên cao khoảng cách càng lớn, chớ nói tới Tống Dương hiện tại, ngay cả khi Vưu Thái y còn sống, chiến lực Ất tự tông sư, trước mặt Trần Phản cũng không chắc có thể thắng.

    Nhưng bị Tống Dương chống lại, uy thế tản ra từ lão giả như bị chọc giận, không đợi chủ nhân ra lệnh, mặc kệ người khác dồn khí thế hung mãnh đánh về phía Tống Dương!

    Không phải “Khí thế” khi thành tinh sẽ không nghe lời chủ nhận, nguyên nhân rất đơn giản, từ trong tiềm thức lão giả cảm thấy Tống Dương là một uy hiếp. Mặc dù lão không phản ứng lại, nhưng uy thế của lão đã thay đổi
    Indeed! Tis me...Two years and four months later, eh? ;D

    Okay, I will see if I can send you a PM or something with my email. You are also extremely awesome, so stay in touch~! I never forgot about this forum; I just got way too into some of the other forums I was on. Then I left the internet for a bit because I was spending too much time on it, and now I'm back on the occasional free day. Hope to hear from you soon. If not, have a great life. :D
    Yeah, if anyone sees me on "active users" I do still exist. I won't be posting here at all because i understand you guys aren't big fans of mine, but I will pop in occasionally for a reason unbeknownst to even myself. and if you heard i got banned from smogon, you're dead wrong. (i forum searched myself, what can i say).

    edit: that doesn't mean i'll bite if you vm me or anything haha, i'm perfectly gentle and not as bigoted as you guys probably think
    Pwnemon. Do you ever actually think before you post? It is not cool to be making fun of bisexuality, okay? Seriously, I really want to yell at you right now, but I'm trying to be polite and hold back.
    Just... think about what you're writing in the future, okay?
    I think subs take automatic hits. Not certain, though.

    Might be a good idea. (It only fades once it takes damage, remember.)

    No problem!

    Ah, I see. The sub would've faded by now, though...?

    Okay! Good luck!
    Hi. Just thought I'd help you out a little on your mock reffing. I'm no ref, but I'll try my best anyway.

    -The RNG to miss is 1/100. In other words, you need 100 to miss.
    -You completely forgot the Damage Cap, at 50% damage. Linoone (or whatever he/she's nicknamed) should not have gotten over 50% damage.
    -Substitute automatically takes damage, I believe.

    I don't have much to say, but the Linoone's health should've ended at 28%. Don't just say "so and so hit the damage cap."

    Hope I helped. (Don't take any of this too harshly; for all I know, I might've stupidly missed something in your reffing.)
    Ha ha, blame my laptop because its 'G', 'H', apostrophe and backspace key don't work. Typing out the words hug, laugh, and daughter has become amazingly hard.
    O wy tank you, I suppose. is tis entertainin in a ood way or in a bad way? And wy are my posts entertainin?
    Yeah, making it into a sig attribute, because it is a special modification.

    My idea was for the modification adding the Dream World ability, along with some sleep related moves (like hypnosis, dream eater, sleep talk, possibly something like nightmare, etc.) and maybe increasing the accuracy of sleep inducing moves (because they had so much fun at the Dream World) along with lengthening the duration they're asleep as a drawback. Also, they could keep their Dream World ability from the start, and it would stick with evolution unless they pay for a follow-up visit (a clefairy could keep their Dream World ability friend guard, unless they paid a smaller fee to have it changed to unaware when it evolves into clefable).

    It think it might be fun too!
    LOL, I poke around in Pallet everyday, but there's not much to post on...
    Plus RPs can't live very long there...
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