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  • Just pointing out that Risingbadge posted his commands because the thread isn't showing up as updated for some reason.
    Well, I say "slight" from the description you've given me - I define as a centrist really, i.e. socially very liberal but economically tending towards conservative. I think of myself as a One Nation Conservative if you understand what that means in British terms :P (although in America I'd be a Democrat)
    If you think immortal souls are at stake, I won't stand in your way.
    I didn't "ruin" anything for you. I am a horrible debater, any argument you have against me will completely destroy any argument I was trying to wage on the thread. Just type a large, grand post in the thread destroying all of my points, and I will never post again on that thread because there would be no one who agrees with me. Well I may make a post like "Pwnemon is right, see ya guys." or something like that.
    1) Well, maybe not "bull" but its not really applicable to us or maybe anyone under the new covenant.
    2) Because, if Jesus has a Second Coming, and we are all raised for the Second Judgement, we obviously have a second chance.
    ~Yay someone actually made some sort of interaction with me on the forums!
    Hiiii! ^.^
    But anyway, I do think its weird how people can say there *isn't* a God or afterlife. My life would probably be so hollow, if I were still living it. Y'know what I mean?
    Yeah, sadly I didn't wait and find that out before posting there, and I, quite frankly, got torn apart xD It helps them that they have many, many supporters that are supporting their opinions and the Christians go in there one at a time and get destroyed. But honestly, if a group of Christians went in there and debated with them, it wouldn't convince them, it would just make the debate never end =/ It's life in a nutshell(:
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