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  • That's fine! =3 In the Power Plant, Barry has a friendship with the opposite team; dramatized relationships are fine!
    Oooh. I like it. Maybe we should run it by Mewtwo first, just in case it could be a big deal? :]
    I know... Like I said, first come first serve... But after the Elementals are all signed up for, then people will have to be in the Government.
    Eh, you just have to wait. I'm still waiting on a match I made months ago to get one. >: I still have a reffing I need to write or I'd offer to.
    There arn't any refs on, so we may have to wait a bit before we are added to the list of ref-less battles. Once we are, though, the refs will come on and let us do battle :)
    Personally, I'm pretty conservative, but believe in the existance of evolution (both macro- and micro-), and believe that science can completely meld with religion. I also believe that the bible is complete fact, and is just interpreted in completely different ways. Churchwise I'm non-denominational episcapalion.
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