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  • This is gonna sound really creepy, but I looked at your post in the TMI survey and you sound exactly like my girlfriend...
    hi! I've transferred to Crystal Desert. I'd like your id! also, my friend is willing to transfer, but right now his computer isn't working, but ... he's working on it!
    also good luck with trading post stuff. I started chef on my new ranger, and accidentally leveled up twice. Chef is awesome.
    hi! I would be willing to make the move, provided that my friend is as well. I wouldn't move without him. I'll have to speak with him. we recently joined a guild that I think he likes, but I'm not attached at all. anyway, I'll let you know how it goes.
    ghost shrimp are adorable c: i went on vacation in texas when i was.... 8, i think? we were in port aransas and we went down to the beach and i caught my very own ghost ship. we kept him in the room with us in a tiny plastic cup.

    there should be a reality show about ghost shrimp. it could take honey boo boo's time slot
    I do like the hearts a mess video, it is quite interesting. I haven't seen any of the other videos though.
    My boyfriend got me Like drawing blood before I went on holiday. I've been obsessed with the song that seems to be called 'seven hours with a backseat driver' in the cd but called 'the only thing I know' on youtube. It's really odd. XD

    What do you like from Like drawing blood? *curious*
    Since the old Minecraft club's last post was in 2011, would it be better to bump it or make a new thread?
    If you don't mind. You could tell me here, or if you are on #tcod. Either works.
    yes... a thousand time yes.

    Magic: The Gathering club. yes, very much approved.
    Not creepy at all haha, thanks for actually caring about that (even with so much other shit going down in that thread presently)!

    I think we've successfully worked out the issue we had but if you're sure you wouldn't mind listening I can talk about what happened (probably in a PM as it's rather personal), I've talked to a couple people cause I don't often trust my own judgment and want to see what others think haha
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