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  • weeeell currently I help out my parents in their jobs, which is usually janitorial and carpet cleaning stuff. so we get up every day to clean a restaurant on weekdays.

    I'm also looking into freelancing since I don't really get paid much for helping them out
    ahhh preparing to go to sleep! I honestly should be asleep an hour ago

    I work early B(

    what about you?
    Pff, s'all good, bruh. Did one for Ulqi, too. Might manage to do one for everyone who joins, even.
    HAIL, FRIEND. I COME BEARING GIFTS. Just one gift, actually.

    tbh, I don't know accurate this is. Like, did you mane like the big thing Tauros actually has, or just wild, wild hair? Also when you said he doesn't like shoes, I took that as him going barefoot. .___. Correct me if I'm wrong, of course.
    I apologise if I offended you in that Serious Business thread some time back, or if I made you upset in any way. It wasn't my intention.
    Oh shit, hey. Are we friends on Steam? If not, we should rectify that. Also we should totally rule the world, virtually.
    I'm about to move, actually. Closer to the university. I'm re-doubling my studies and I can't really afford my own place, so I'm taking the basement of a local county teacher (it's actually a fairly nice room). Just trying to balance what I'm trying to accomplish with academics and my life. Probably most exciting thing coming up is that I'm performing the Bach B-Minor Mass in January.
    yo i never saw your reply because you replied to your own profile !! VMs are kinda bad at that.
    everything is pretty okay! I finally got the insurance money like two weeks ago.
    also i'm "left", since i'm white and male i have a lot of shit to learn and mostly be quiet about

    i've learned a lot since i said that
    well we have a 3 day weekend but I don't do easter anyway, I was just working, eheheh. I had never heard of ANZAC day but it sounds kind of ... not cool idk

    wow I'm so sorry to hear that, is everything ok besides the insurance thing?
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