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  • Hi! Do you still need me to come online? I can run my DS all day while it's on the charger whenever it's convenient for you.
    Oh no! I'm sorry, I read this message but couldn't get on until later. Let me know if another opportunity arises! Sorry.
    Sure thing! It's done. Let me know when you're online and I can arrange to be on as well!
    That actually sounds pretty nice. I'm feeling pretty down so looking for things to do until school starts up again. I wish you luck with your financial situation.
    Hi! Um could you maybe approve my HTML signature, please! Haha I've been waiting for a while and I forgot to poke somebody so um...

    Sorry. (I'm not sure what I'm saying right now)
    Regarding your signature. I have created a Backloggery after clicking the link on your signature: how do I turn it into my own signature?
    ok so we did more mode exercises today in methods and i kept being like "THE MODE IS MIXOLYDIAN" "THE MODE IS PHRYGIAN" and everyone was like "how in the hell are you getting this" and i was like "i honestly have no fucking idea"

    my attempts to sing in tune with something inevitably end in failure. yet despite this i can pick out and predict certain chord progressions, hear tonic even when it's a cappella and not well-established, pick out the attempted mode even when the person trying to do the mode forgets and reverts to major/harmonic minor before they even really start, and once i inexplicably picked out a diminished chord in ballet parisien. my ear is fucking weird

    i then told the class i should start Mode Tutoring hehe
    agh D:

    but I saw other persons with them out in the open ; ;

    Okay! What's the tag again?
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4oDgMQrzP8 - Canteloube's arrangement of Lou coucut. Basically the lyrics have the singer going on about how eir cuckoo is so much fukken better than everyone else's cuckoo. This is an old folk song so obviously it doesn't have the same orchestration as this arrangement - but just listening you can tell that Canteloube wrote the orchestration to reflect the story the lyrics were telling. Hearing some of Canteloube's music made me fall in love with him haha

    (also I stand corrected about the language of these songs - Occitan, not French)
    charlotte symph schedule for 2013-14 because it is necessary to send it like a year in advance yes

    fri 9/27 and sat 9/28: britten a young person's guide to the orchestra, liszt piano concerto no. 2, holst the planets
    fri 10/11 and sat 10/12: mozart overture to don giovanni, saint-saëns violin concerto no. 3, tchaikovsky symphony no. 6
    fri 11/8 and sat 11/9: butterworth by the banks of the green willow, mozart: piano concerto no. 21 in c major, beethoven symphony no. 6
    fri 11/22 and sat nov 23: bach st. matthew passion
    fri 1/10 and sat 1/11: ravel le tombeau de couperin, debussy danses sacrée et profane, brahms symphony no. 2
    fri 2/7 and sat 2/8: britten four sea interludes from 'peter grimes', haydn cello concerto in c major, schumann symphony no. 3
    fri 2/28 and sat 3/1: locklair phoenix for orchestra, barber knoxville: summer of 1915, berlioz symphonie fantastique
    fri 3/14 and sat 3/15: purcell (arr. britten) charconne, schumann piano concerto in a minor, dvořák symphony no. 8
    fri 4/11 and sat 4/12: rimsky-korsakov russian easter overture, prokofiev violin concerto no. 1, stravinsky petrushka
    fri 5/2 and sat 5/3: verdi requiem
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