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  • unfortunately yeah, they somehow became like ~best friends~ and is apparently taking my cutting off of said friend personally

    i'm also a little hesitant to call him "evil" per se because i wouldn't necessarily say he's EVIL but that might be our fucked up relationship talking
    Yeah, everyone I've talked to is 100% supportive

    Unfortunately that doesn't include my roomie because she's always been pushing to get everything back to normal after fights
    He's been like this for about as long as I've known him, so if someone bewitched him it would have been a LONG time ago.

    I'd gotten in fights with him before and he'd always promised to be more positive but he never followed through. And talked shit about me behind my back. What a douche.
    I'd rather not stare back because he takes anything and everything I say/do and turns it into "see Rachel was being a massive bitch blah blah blah see i'm not at fault at all" (he's apparently convinced one of my friends bewitched me. It's hilarious)

    I had to cut off a friend; our relationship was super toxic, if not blatantly abusive, and I'm still dealing with the repercussions thereof. My state of mind's been kinda fucked up lately as a result; like, I keep hearing this stupid little voice in the back of my head going all YOU'RE OVERREACTING JUST BE FRIENDS WITH HIM AGAIN GOD WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID which is if anything even more of a sign of how this friendship has really fucked me up Jesus Christ.

    Also I keep seeing him in the theater and in the cafeteria and he keeps staring me down and makes it plainly obvious that no matter what he says he is CLEARLY mad at me for daring to get pissed off at the shit he pulls
    Hmm. I'll have to check it out!

    Also you should read Mistborn, it's amazing.

    Oh, did you PM me and I totally missed it for some reason? I'm not pushing you to respond or anything but I'd feel really bad if I'd accidentally ignored you!
    Hm... I considered reading it, but already watched the movie, would reading it be bad/boring?
    You're even more perfect, I love you mostest <3
    Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I love you more <3
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