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  • aw what! in australia, our easter holiday goes from like friday to monday so we have a four-day weekend. and then apil 25th is ANZAC day so universities generally have a two-week break in the middle of semester at that point.
    it's okay. i was in a car accident in march and i'm trying to get the people at fault to claim their insurance so i can like, get money, but it's been akin to pulling teeth so far. why are people so irresponsible god \o/
    that's okay! mostly i'm just doin art at the moment because it's easter break and my portfolio is empty woo
    Yeah, it probably is harmful! But I think the bad news has just kind of eclipsed how much I care, and it's so hard to move back from that. I don't like being angry all the time!
    It might not be all that negative, though. I think it'll be interesting just because you are so far left; I can't really think of anyone we've had around who's been disagreeing with anybody because of that, usually it's because they're really far right/conservative. It's nice seeing you around, anyway.
    wow, that's cool! sometimes i feel like i should probably like, pay any attention at all to politics and then I remember I'm Australian and our politics are a giant heap of shit and it's so hard to care. but that's cool, it's an important thing to be aware and actually take part in that stuff.
    how are thoughts going for the cutie town roleplay project? :o I admit I'm not on irc much at all lately, but if you've been hoping to see me around there, I'll make the effort!! (and if uv's around, we can make the point of at least mentioning it in the main channel to gauge interest there ?)

    You might like this! It might look complicated, but just type in the code it shows bit by bit and it will come together. Maybe you could teach your map program to build graphicy squares with this!

    This thing might work to save the images that happen! http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8530524/working-with-the-python-graphics-module-is-there-any-way-to-save-the-current-wi?rq=1 I haven't tried yet.

    So far it's much nicer and more intuitive to work with than any of the other graphic things I've tried! I made a circle oriented around a point. I've wanted to do that all along and couldn't figure it out in anything else. You could build a small class around it to make it even easier for whatever you're doing.

    Oh, and here's where to download graphics.py so you can even follow the tutorial: http://mcsp.wartburg.edu/zelle/python/graphics.py
    Alrighty, I'll add/invite you both~ Our guild name is Brew Company, but you probably would've seen my ID in the memberlist anyway or whatever. :v
    Alright!! :D My ID's ArtsyAlraune.3940. What's yours? I'll send you and your friend guild invites later today if you want.
    Yeah, cooking is really good for experience but not so much for making money I've found :[ but, hey. I'm sure once the game ages a bit and there's a general consensus, some foods/buffs will become commonly used, maybe even mandatory. At least, that's how it was in FFXI... cooking was always lucrative because you always needed more consumables. Crafts that made armor and stuff just flooded the market when most people got their armor from quests and stuff anyway.
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