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  • "a pot of Odd Incense (which may have been contributing to the smell), and some tiny mushrooms that were growing on the inside, of which you may carry one."
    do you mean I can carry one of the two objects, or I can only carry one of the tiny mushrooms that are growing?
    Yeah. There's a lot of places in the mirrorish place left that I haven't fleshed out entirely, but currently I randomize for common pokémon when appropriate and make up little questhooks for people to follow. Rarer stuff and discoveries and the like are dolled out mostly based on willingness to explore/innovate, but the details (what pokémon, reactions) are pretty much randomized.

    Everyone has a flat 10% chance of finding a rattata-spearow-caterpie thing when they're in the church proper for a while, though.
    Kabuto is adorable but omanyte takes the ca–OH MY LORD I AM PICTURING AN OMANYTE EATING CAKE THANK YOU!

    That is an adorable story.
    It seems to have found you, assuming you get a request from my account at some point.

    Good times and bad times, but pretty good overall! I probably have a preponderance of stories I could tell if I could remember timelines in order, but that's easier to do in realtime, so.
    Oh hey you have skype and it works? Well that works out well, I recently got skype myself! Though lacking a camera or microphone I'm limited to text but that's probably all I'd do anyway so! My account goes under the name "Squiddlebuddy".

    Unrelatedly how've you been!
    Yeaaaaah. I mean, people who think that Glee is even mostly perfect are generally deluded, but it is a good show with interesting and generally mold-breaking characters. People that write the whole show off just because it missteps sometimes are kind of throwing away a life preserver just because it makes them itch or something.

    haha 'it’s probably homophobic' wow

    And I mean, I understand why 'bitch' would be maybe antifeminist? I dunno, it seems a little ubersensitive to get all offended by something that people almost literally do not think about.
    Thanks... *hugs back*

    I dunno, I get earaches all the time for no particular reason. I'm hoping it'll stop as I get older, but I've been getting them for a long time..

    That's all my mom ever seems to talk about to me, is things I can't help. Makes me feel really un-helpful sometimes.
    That song's singer-guy bashed the Glee version and I was just like.

    Why would you get all mad at people who thought your song was good enough to do a widely-heard cover of it?

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