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  • Yes, I talk a lot when I'm interested in something.

    Paychecks won't be done until Sunday at the earliest. It will depend on my internet situation at that point. If not Sunday, they should be up Monday.
    I've been reffing ASB for over five years now, so I've worked out my reffing system and can plug through most of the calculation part of reffings without really thinking about it. I know the base powers, base energy costs, effect chances, and so on for all the common attacks by heart, so I rarely have to stop and look anything up. I also have the advantage of being the head referee, so I am the law--I have little worry that a decision I make in a battle is going to be overturned, so I don't spend long thinking about them. I just go with what seems intuitive to me, since that's how I put together most of the rules.

    So mostly it's just practice. You get comfortable reffing, you figure out what works for you, and you get faster as a matter of course.

    For what it's worth, though, the elite-level mocks are intentionally very difficult, and you'll rarely see anything that complicated come up in a normal battle. For a large multi-battle with convoluted orders like that, it would take anybody a fair amount of time to get it done--in my case probably around an hour. Your typical round takes half to 3/4 of that, depending on its difficulty and whether I'm e.g. watching television or listening to music at the same time.

    For what it's worth, though, it may take a long time to do an individual round for a multibattle like that, but they tend to be over much faster (in terms of how many rounds you have to write) than standard one-on-ones, so it can actually be less work in the long run to to take on those if you can make yourself sit down and do the reffings for them in the short term.
    I was hoping some more people would sign up as Rebels. I am currently allowing second characters to account for this but...
    Look, stop complaining to me, and pm the admin or whatever if you think it's a big enough problem.
    Yeah I don't get that, either, but ehhh I guess you could grass him up, but tbh I don't care.
    Ah, sure. I was going to wait for others to post, but I guess school has started for a lot of members. o.o
    xDD Yeah, that wouldn't be good. Ah well, I'm off to change my sign up form.
    And I'm guessing it would be with your character Franklin? Because if it were with the other one the age difference would be crazy. xD;
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