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  • Why is there a link to an rp in your sig when it hasn't been posted in since 07/05?
    I have had my share of physical violence as well, you know. In my time, I've had a dad who would routinely beat me with a belt, as well as a boyfriend who broke my fucking arm and hit it while it was healing and didn't let me get it checked out. It never fucking healed properly. IN SHORT, I KNOW HOW FUCKING SERIOUS THE RELATIVE THINGS ARE. Get off your fucking high horse and shut. The. Hell. Up.
    You know what? I don't deny that some people have it harder. And yes, it's a pretty bad situation when you need a weapon to defend yourself.

    But guess fucking what.

    When you try to say that bullying isn't a fucking issue if it's purely verbal, you're being out of line. Because guess what. That 'meaningless' thing is indeed an issue. People get driven to depression and suicide because of it. I will not stand idly by and let it be claimed that what nearly drove my friends, and myself, to suicide on numerous occasions is nothing.

    So for god's sake, shut the fuck up until you learn to be more respectful of others, get it?
    Well considering who *created* the stereotype raises questions about its creator is all I'm sayin'.

    Well what I meant by not seeing the difference:

    "'Toffee' is a particular of the universal 'taffy', that is, 'toffee' is a type of 'taffy', and thus they aren't different objects, but differing terms on a hierarchical taxonomy of sweets."
    Well, its not about the type of animal, its about critquing their belief that if you are near a large population of animals, you will want to shag one.

    ...unless they find sheep really sexy.

    I don't honestly know the difference. x3
    Well call them doggyshaggers then! Lots of dogs in England by the same logic, they must've shagged one. Because obviously bestiality is the first thing an Englishperson thinks of doing with a large population of animals. >=3

    Its really good! =3
    Oooh, okay! I thought it was like, a fun term for Welshpeople 'cuz they made lots of taffy. Sorry.

    Though it would be awesome if that were the case! x3

    And sheepshagger? That's the best racial slur I've ever heard (well, as good as they can be.) =0
    Oooh Wales! Don't they have a lot of taffy factories there or something?
    I was being ultra-patriotic while mixing up Mother Russia (national symbol of Russia) and Britannia (national symbol of the UK), which suggests I'm being ultra-patriotic about a nation I don't even know enough about to get its national symbols right.

    So much funnier now that I explained it, eh? x3
    O Mother Britannia, may your mighty trident slay those who commit evils, and point the way to hope in all the lands under it!
    Yeah, 4chan is not /b/. =P

    Everything? =0

    -scribbles down note consisting of "New ways of approaching unempirically solvable problems: UK?"-
    It is? Iunno, its a pretty useful place to find images, request-wise.

    Well, no, I'm just an Anglophile. =P
    I am not sure if I will or not though. x_X

    Yay! ^^;

    Well, I mostly browse /c/ and /tg/. I hate /b/. And /v/ now. /v/ is just moar/b/. =/

    I am British too, so I don't know either. Well, at least my view is coloured with Britishness.
    Well, I know, I just have no self-control, thus I don't trust myself with it. =P

    Aww, thanks, super shiny awesome person! ♥ =3 -hugs-

    Oooh, I didn't know SA was that cool. -desperately searches for 10 bucks-

    I must move to New York then! Besides, New York is almost like, its own country. x3
    I actually don't know if I can only do it with drinks either though. >_>

    Yes, 'tis true. =( But my therapist says I have to look for positives. So, I'm not masculine, I'm a long-legged, big chested (potential!), husky-voiced girl with a higher-than-normal sex drive that can sympathize better with male needs and thus am a great lover (potentially!).

    BWHAHAHAHAHAA. Oh goodness that's rich. x3 Don't think I think that. I don't. I am just glad I have some wits and/or humor about me and that counts for something in some circles. :P

    Yeah, bible bashing and stuff is horrific. I am under the impression the US *is* a gay ghetto. =/
    I like dancing kinda so that wouldn't be a problem! =D (PS That's kind of why I still am! I am horrible with self-control. x3)

    It is? Oh. Yay! I thought it wasn't for purely technical reasons (that is, tallness is not sexually dimorphic or a feature of neoteny, and is in fact, in conflict with those, thus detracts from cuteness. But from my point of view applied to other people, that's more person to love. =3)

    Weeeell, its not like the U.S. government has an IBM database of LGBTQUIA folks whom we pin badges on to sort after doing aggressive house checks and then put them onto trains to be electrocuted into not being LGBTQUIA.

    No, instead, parents voluntarily give them to churches, who try to Bible-bash them and guilt them out of queerness, and usually this ends with the child running away and abandoning Christianity. If the parents have a fairly good relationship with the child, they'll use their love to manipulate them into thinking that torture is a good alternative to being gay, because if they are gay they would stop getting their parents love.


    I think the Holocaust-type queer round-up sounded less horrifying.
    Oooh, I never been to a nightclub or a gay nightclub or a trans nightclub for that matter, but it sounds fun! Do you have to drink alcohol? Because I am a teetotaler (not that I am against it, I am all for alcoholic consumption and private marijuana use, but I wouldn't want to do either) so yeah. =P

    Ugh, heels suck. I don't get them. Who would want to look taller? =/

    Oh, I thought you meant the kind that is like "I love you, therefore, I am going to torture you out of your sexuality because I like spending time with you but not if you're gay."
    There are places like that? Whoa! =0

    Yes, they are very comfortable. Heels aren't. Dresses are. x3

    Oh my God, I hate those type of bigots. Like my dad, for instance.
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