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  • I knooooow. But no, it's a cultural thing. As in, sheepshagger's been a slur for about a hundred years. More, maybe. :)

    Pffft, and ou call yourself an Anglophile! (I also don't know, but I don't like England, so nerr)
    But there are lots of dogs in Wales, too! D:

    And taffy is inferior to toffee, fyi.
    Sheepshagger, because every Welshman loves bestiality!
    It's actually the worst racial slur, imo, because now that I live in England, everyone literally, with no hint of irony at all, thinks I've shagged a sheep. Not good, friend, not good.

    And no, taffy isn't a thing here. I've never even tasted taffy! :D
    That is like incredibly offensive! :D
    Well, it's not really offensive to me, but Taffy is a racial slur for a Welshman. :) Also sheepshagger~

    There's the River Taff, which is what the word is named after. :)

    Also, Britain doesn't have taffy. Like, at all.
    I'm still laughing! But yeah, that went way over my head. :)
    I didn't even realise we Brits cared about tridents. Fuck it, I'm welsh. we're into daffodills, leeks and sheep. :)
    Well yeah, the UK is just that good. It can solve everything, given enough time! :D
    Well I mean, 4chan is just a bad place. Then again, I've never been to 4chan other than in /b/, so I'm probably wrong. :)

    And well, that explains eeeeeeeeeverything!
    4chan in general is just absolutely terrible. :D SA is where all the cool kids go. Also here.

    You're British? Huh, I thought you were Amurcan.
    Ah right, yeah. That's wise. I, uh, probably should have gone that route. x.x;

    Haha, no problem... You!

    It's cool in some places, but a lot of the time it's basically organised /b/. GBS, for example, will hate you and everything about you. e/n is a lot more forgiving. :)
    Also, Lets Plays are totally rad.

    I've heard it said that Americans view New York in the same way the rest of the world view Americans. Being British, I have no idea how y'all view NYC, though, so eh~
    Ah, well, drinking isn't as bad as you might think. I'm not trying to pressure you, don't worry. :) But, you know, it isn't, like, an incredibly evil terrible thing.

    Pffft, sounds like the perfect woman~ Although, yeah, it's good to have a sense of humour about the whole thing. You've probably seen it already, but if not: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3271050

    It's basically a thread dedicated to people going through the stuff you're going through. :)

    Hmm, I don't know. New York is pretty cool with the whole gay thing now, at least. :)
    Oh really? I can't dance without a couple JD doubles. C.C

    Well I mean, why do you think all models have to be tall? Tall isn't cute, is sexy. There's a difference. :3
    Then again, transwomen tend to have it easier when they're smaller, but that's only because taller male builds usually lead to more masculine features such as broader shoulders etc.

    Oh, well I didn't think it was, like, a gay ghetto or shit. I just meant, yeah, bible bashing and stuff. Which sounds horrific. D:
    No one'd make you drink, if that's what you're asking, haha. I mean, they do sell alcohol obvs, but it's not like they force you into drinking. Then again, if you're not the type who can dance in front of lots of other dancing people, you might not want to go unless you're gonna drink. (PS, I was, like, a teetotaler and now I'm basically an alcoholic! Weird, huh? :S)

    Butbutbut tall is sexy. Q.Q

    Nah, no, I hate those, too. Gay-camps? Do you guys actually do that in America, or is that like, a bogeyman sort of thing? You better be good or we'll send you to a gaycamp! >:|
    'Cause that's how they use Margaret Thatcher, here. It's quite literally 'lock your doors, or the Thatcher'll get you! >:D' to scare kids. :3
    Yeah. Well. I'm not sure. 4Play in Cardiff is a pretty good (gay) club. Then again, gay nightclubs are always the best. They're cleaner, have better dance music and serve cooler drinks~ But I wouldn't expect every gayclub to have frequent transpeople, this one's just pretty cool and open. *shrug*

    Yeah, I have weak ankles, too. x.x; I'm always spraining them, and that day was no different. *sigh*

    Well, by that sort of bigot, I mean the type who, I don't know, hate all gays except the gays they know? Like, the morning before my uncles wedding, his best-man/army-buddy came out as gay, and they just hugged and were all 'it's fine, mate'~.
    Maybe that's the worst type though, I'm not sure. x.x;
    I wouldn't call it 'friendly' or 'trustworthy'. The nightclub I sometimes go to is a 'tranny hotspot'. It's where a lot of transpeople go on weekends, and I've met some cool people there. :)

    Also, dresses are comfortable? I wore one once for a charity thing, and it was soooo hard to walk. Maybe that was because of the heels, though. :D

    And yeah, I'm not going to bring it up with him or his parents until he can articulate how he feels. My uncle's pretty bigoted (in the 'I still love you' type of way, mind), and I wouldn't want to bring stuff like that up.
    Weird? Maybe just a little bit!
    Though, I would advise against going to TvTropes. There's an entire thread dedicated to it on SA, that shows off just how creepy the place is.
    Not the front page, Wiki type thing, which I admit to having wasted days of my life looking at, more like the forums. Seriously, they're creepy as all get out.

    Also, oh yeah! You're the girl who was all 'I've done my research', right? :D Yeah, I remember being so infuriated at seeing your 'I'm an atheist now' sig, just days after you denying everything I'd said. :3 God, I used to rage so easily back then. x.x;

    Anyway, if it's not too personal, how does it feel to be transgender? I have mild dysphoria myself, and a number of friends are trans, and I'm the one to whom they bitch and moan about how hard it is (which is just lovely I assure you >.>; ).
    So yeah, they call me their 'tranny-talker' which isn't as glamourous as you might think.

    Ugh, but anyway, I'm just trying to get as much info as I can, because I think my 8-year-old cousin may be a transwoman. Maybe. I mean, I know you're not supposed to base it on preferring shoes and clothes to football and Action Man, but still.

    (Also, I think this is probably the deepest visitor-message convo ever, but shhhhh)
    Pffft! Socrates was all 'guys, y'all can kill me if you want, but I'm speaking the truth!'.
    He was basically, like, the Greek William Wallace in a not-like-a-Greek-William-Wallace-At-All kind of way.

    And I agree with you about LaVeyanism. It is pretty dumb and shallow in regards to Satanism. What I like about it is the Randian Objectivism. I mean, I don't subscribe to that ethical viewpoint, but it's fascinating, because LaVeyanism helped me to start questioning things that I'd always taken for granted and had never thought through before. I used to be massively bigoted before reading that book, but after it kind of 'opened my mind', I turned to reason rather than tradition and broke down all the prejudices and hate I used to have.
    Even though the dogma is contradictory and, frankly, laughable, and even though ethics can be a bit dodgy, it started me off towards a growth of my person, and so it'll always have a place in my heart, haha.

    Also, it didn't hurt that my now-best-friend (a heterosexual FTM transman, for the record) bitched me out once for about three hours straight for using the word fag.

    You do realise that Dante's Trilogy were nothing more than ancient fan-fiction and that in real life he was a fucking crusader, right? You know, one of those massively zealous guys who murdered the heretics. I'm pretty sure his stuff was just a self-insert piece of work about him exploring the afterlife. (In Inferno, he happens upon Satan, who is both the most terrifying monster and the most pitiable being alive, having been destroyed by his own arrogance.)

    Same with Paradise Lost. Kind of. Milton wrote it as a poem glorifying God in a 'God works in mysterious ways' type of way. Lucifer wasn't supposed to be sympathetic, he was supposed to be seen as a whiny antagonist who acted out of envy and set about petty revenge before being bitch-slapped by Michael. :)

    Can't speak for the Sistine Chapel, having missed out on going to Rome with my school (400 bloody quid!).
    Nah, I've finished my exams now, but thanks for the offer. On the plus-side, no more essays!

    And okay, Plato. Never liked him. No idea why. Socrates was a badass motherfucker, though.

    Anywho, I don't buy into this, but I don't judge. Hell, I spent a Summer as a LaVayan Satanist, once. Not that I'm equating your religion to my mistake, of course.

    Relatedly, you should really give the Satanic Bible a read. It's pretty good, and the ethics are quite solid. The general theme is 'do what you want as long as you don't hurt stuff'. The dogmatic and traditional aspects are BS (in my opinion), but even the author/cult leader admits to the dogma being nothing more than a way to bind the ethics together.

    Also, the cult leader (Anton Szandor LaVay) was a pretty interesting guy, and the biography included has some good stuff.

    God, I sound like I'm gushing, huh? Maybe they still have their claws in me. >.>;
    Okay, I get the first two (and dammit, if I'd had you to explain pragmatism to me, I might have known what it meant for my philosophy exam!), but by the third bit, you're saying that... The universe is God/a god? As in, we're living in God's... Brain? Imagination? Body?

    Sorry if I'm summarising it up in a stupid way, I really do want to learn! :D
    I have to ask, and please please please don't take it in an offensive way, but what the hell does Pragmatic Humanitarian Spinozist/Secular Panentheist mean? I'm really curious, but hate using wikipedia.
    Is it... Someone who thinks that people come first, believes that whatever can help the most is right, thinks the government shouldn't have anything to do with religion (and vice-versa) and... Believes in nature? In a lot of, uh, atheistic forces? Um... Sorry, I need help. I have no idea what a spinowhatsit is.

    Thanks. :)
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