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  • I... don't think that's true. :p Did you see the first season yet? If not, I won't spoil it! But, I don't think the Warblers actually care about Kurt enough to manipulate him.
    :p Yes I did catch it. I will never miss an episode of Glee. My favourite part was (surprise) the Warblers singing Bills, Bills, Bills, random as it was. It was just a great performance. So good!
    Awesome! :D Kurt is my ultimate favourite, and Beiste is awesome. I can't say I love her as much because I don't generally get attached to minor characters as much, but she is definitely awesome!
    Er, there's nothing wrong with that, there's something wrong with people ewwing at trans people. o.o
    I don't think there's anything wrong with being a furry! I just don't identify as one. I don't think there's anything wrong with being gay and I'm not gay myself.

    Random, but I feel so awkward going out in social situations because everything that's discussed I find offensive on some level. Usually minor enough that I can let it slide but right now the woman next to me is showing photos from the pride parade and she just showed a photo of a mtf and :[ siiiigh.
    Sorry for delayed response, had a busy (for me) day yesterday and felt kinda sick so I just went to sleep. :\

    Haha, I remember when I insisted on drawing in MSpain, with a mouse... oh lord, those days. Do you have a camera of some sort, to draw by hand and upload pics?

    I'm not so crazy about making a social group over here; idk how we'd manage it/keep it active, and maintain rules or a structure or any sort of goal or something. I'm also sort of iffy on the whole 'furry' term... It's just a very vague term and, as far as I can tell, mostly what makes one a furry is associating as a furry, which I don't really.

    Also I have something else to say but I'll send you a PM about it. <<;
    Just as a warning, if you do join, when I say it's slow I mean it's slow. The faster phases are faster but still slow, since it's a forum. Pretty much the mods (including me :P) are lazy asses and yeah. But it's worth it, when it gets moving.
    Ahaha. Well, you can try RPing on the forum I RP on, though it's been going real slow lately (it has slow phases and faster ones, and you sorta have to stick with the forum for when it picks up). S'over here. I'm Crudea over there. :]
    O well, I've never RP'd my sona. I always considered her just a representation of me so RPing her would be so strange and author-insert.

    Where do you RP?
    I AM AMERICA AND SO CAN YOU! I actually have the book. :P Haha. I love Colbert. But I love Stewart more, honestly. He's just a bit cooler. Stewart for president would fix the US.

    You have a fursona? :o Showwww.
    I actually thought you might be referring to Colbert but wasn't sure. xD Haha.

    He isn't my fursona, though. The only thing resembling a fursona I have is Whivit, but I don't use her much anymore, so. He's more of a character that represents a part of me, as do most of my characters, and is also a muse-ish-thing. Because he has his own story/personality, etc. and does not represent me, just small parts of me, and parts of what I wish to be, and parts of what I don't like being.
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