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Recent content by Eloi

  1. Eloi

    Things to tell your grandchildren.

    My mom and dad are older than Kwanzaa.
  2. Eloi

    The "Fwee" Thread

    I was looking back on a thread I made on this forum in April of 2011, where I was wondering why I should live anymore. It just so happens that I met my current girlfriend in the August of 2011, so I think that's something. =)
  3. Eloi

    Daily Pokemon Discussions

    I predict that the Munna and Skitty are also Fairy types and that the Moon Stone is what makes Eevee evolve into Sylveon.
  4. Eloi

    Pokemon X/Y

    This is a pretty convincing latter-day Mewthree hoax. Still probably a hoax though. It would be completely unprecedented if it's not.
  5. Eloi

    The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

    I cried when she talked about her incomplete suicide attempt... It's so sad that more than 41% of transgender people in the United States have tried to kill themselves... (http://www.thetaskforce.org/downloads/reports/reports/ntds_summary.pdf)
  6. Eloi

    The "Fwee" Thread

    Mmm... I get anxious easier nowadays... like, injustices strike at my heart a lot worse than they did... I used to think that this was because I was getting more depressed. But then I realized, I'm not getting more depressed. I'm starting to care more. Because I have someone to love. ^_^
  7. Eloi

    2012 US Presidential Election

    No, not really. The value of life is absolute, and the basis for all other value. Executing a mass murderer accomplishes nothing that imprisoning them wouldn't do. And I see your point; if it causes them a lot of distress, then yes, it's not worth the relatively small impact their individual...
  8. Eloi

    2012 US Presidential Election

    Yeah, the proper term is the Affordable Care Act. It's both of their faults. And this isn't to establish blame, it's to convince those who do this to chose to make the decision that will benefit the most people.
  9. Eloi

    2012 US Presidential Election

    Non-action is an action. If you see a train barreling down a railroad track towards a doggy, and you chose to let it be run over, that was a choice you made, and is just as much of a choice as if you would've tried to call to it or move it out of the way. Philosophy is a rational analysis of...
  10. Eloi

    2012 US Presidential Election

    But what of the people harmed by the possible candidate that is elected in place of the one that would've been the most likely to be the least harmful? Non-action is still an action, ethically speaking. And if one comes to power who does more harm than another candidate, the people who didn't...
  11. Eloi

    2012 US Presidential Election

    You mean continuing the War in Afghanistan instead of just instantly leaving the Northern Alliance by itself? Or are you talking by that incident where a 16-year old, Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi, was (accidentally) killed by a drone, and other civilian causalities? Yes, civilian causalities are...
  12. Eloi

    2012 US Presidential Election

    I unapologetically support Obama in this election. I absolutely agree with him on his political positions within the context that he is in, and I'm mystified why people would support third party candidates over him, or why people don't like him as much as they did. Am I the only one whose...
  13. Eloi

    What national holiday is on your birthday?

    My birthday is on World AIDS day! ... Why does the United Nations have to be like that?
  14. Eloi

    Early Series Weirdness

    If it were just early installment weirdness, why did FRLG maintain them as canon?
  15. Eloi

    What is the biggest problem in today's world?

    How would the AI become programmed that way in the first place though?