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  • I didn't get the email! Bah! Meebo is really simple - you sign up and you can chat on all messenger systems, like aim, msn, etc.
    About Phantom's thread?

    Don't let anyone make you think that about yourself. You're 'silly shit' are real problems that you deserve support for.

    (I hope I'm not sounding like some preachy self0help book, but)
    ELOI! If you feel socially isolated you should at least go on meebo.com so we can talk! Geez!
    FAAB is probably a better description, but, people who are outside the trans* circle don't understand that. So it's very hard to explain...
    Love is a bad bad thing. ; ; At least that is how my brain is conditioned...

    Really? ... I don't know why I thought you were cis. Hm! I am just a trans dude! I could probably explain better but most of the terms upset me in some way, and I'm actually pretty stuck on how to explain myself. Like... stuck in a girl's body? I guess I am? I don't know, I do want to transition, so I guess that's right? Sigh!
    I do have gmail! And I have fb, if you're comfortable be added there.

    Also, I don't know how to say this, but what sort of trans* are you? Genderqueer? Sorry. I feel sort of ridiculous but I thought you were cis!

    As for the crush - I just feel hopeless about it and it makes me depressed. :[
    Hmm! I've been dealing with my phone phobia. My gender therapist is making me call people. It's really scary! Speaking of you don't happen to have skype do you? >>; Blah...

    Well... I've been going to an lgbt group and I met a guy there that's cool. But I don't think he knows I exist, because I basically don't. So I'm jsut gonna be like, okay, crushes are pointless... and forget about it.
    you don't have any sort of messenger? you should go on #tcod, at least!

    I just got myself new jeans. :D I lost an old pair of black skinny jeans and buying new jeans always makes me feel better. I know it's... sad... but it does! Haha. Also made myself a fruit milkshake! How're you!?

    Also! I have a crush. ._.;
    Haha wow, you always seem to have a well thought out response to everything... thanks for the info!
    Hey, just wondering.... why do you always put an asterisk after the word trans?
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