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  • um, it's absolutely applicable. Maybe not its set of laws but the entire old testament is not a set of laws and there are many things in there that not only point to Jesus as messiah but also teach us how to live after good men of faith and give us many life lessons and set up the whole background for the new testament.

    That's really not true from what I've seen, Christ's second coming is to judge those who haven't repented in the first life and call into heaven the bodies of those who had died in Christ as well as rapture the living believers.

    Thank you for singlehandedly ruining whatever chance I may have had of getting at least one soul on this site to convert to Christianity. yeah, i bear a little ill-will where immortal souls of friends are concerned.

    I was just reading your posts in the theism thread. Two things I want to ask you:

    1)Why on Earth do you believe the Old Testament is bull?

    2)Where did you get the belief we all get a choice to go to heaven after the second judgment?
    I've thought the same thing multiple times.

    I mean, if there isn't a God, what's the reason to live? I refuse to believe that nature could be so cold as to create life with absolutely no meaning or hope.
    Lol, my brother is giving a speech for school about how creationism and evolution are compatible.

    Forgiven~ It's always nice to have a theist on our side.
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