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Shiny Grimer
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  • Quảng đã thuê một chiếc xe du lịch chở 13 người gồm anh em họ hàng xuất phát từ Nghệ An ra Hà Nội. Đến tại Km506 trên tuyến đường mòn Hồ Chí Minh, đoạn qua địa phận thôn Luốn Đồng, xã Xuân Quỳ, cách giảm cân nhanh
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    Tối qua (25/1), show thực tế mới toanh "The Remix - Hòa âm và ánh sáng" đã chính thức khai màn với dàn thí sinh chính thức "cực hot": Đông Nhi, Sơn Tùng M-TP, Tóc Tiên, Isaac, Bảo Anh, Giang Hồng Ngọc, Pha Lê, FB Boiz. Chương trình đã mang đến cho
    i know we didn't talk much but i couldn't help but notice this post:

    Some days I just want to go to sleep and not wake up.

    and say if you ever need to talk just message me on here!! okay?
    Если хочешь, сможем списаться (или болтать, если ты предпочитаешь, хехе) где-то другой (или здесь)
    Ah, you watch them dubbed. I know more people that do this, but dubbing is absolutely murderous for me to watch. I can't do it. I really need the original source material to be in French :)
    I've been motivated to do silly things like clean my room or watch French movies or just do anything to keep my mind off of him. It's led to my being more productive and it's one thing I'm glad for. If I were still with him, I probably wouldn't have been able to make my little musical project. I'm glad I've been doing stuff with my life, important stuff, and that I continue to do so even if I have this little issue.

    Hah, at least something good came of it! Speaking of French movies, which ones do you watch? And do you watch them with subtitles (English or French)? I've been reading a lot of French but listening or watching a movie is still a little disconcerting because I'm at a stage where I understand a lot but not everything that's being said to me. So when I watch a movie, I don't need English subtitles (because I understand enough to render those useless), but not enough to understand every single word; so the best would be to have French subtitles. Do you know of any?
    Ah, naw, that's all right. He isn't a dick because he broke up with you, I know that's what we all like to think (for some reason or another) but just because he wanted something else from his life (and you possibly do too). Of course it sucks that he's doing whatever he does, but that's why it's so important if this hurts to remain incommunicado. Just don't remind yourself. It'll just hurt more (and even if you don't remind yourself every day the curiosity is killing.)

    I don't know about breakups being more or less serious. Mine was longer so the impact was I guess bigger in terms of "life things" and "plans" that you vaguely make but I wasn't at the stage where we could formalize those (probably a reason we broke up - too young for that kind of thing). I mean, the only thing that I could have done at the point I was at was basically "suggest to move out to Belgium" but you cannot unreasonably ask that of someone if they're not ready (and she was 1.5 years younger and I was 21 at the time). Never mind that I partially did that anyway (but it was an internship, so in case of failure, I could still return home, which I did as the breakup happened during my foreign stay - very confusing). So I mean, all in all, yeah, that is a bit more serious but when you live far away that is just the choices you're faced with. Living close together is so much more easy that in some ways I envy a simple relationship like you had just because I've never really had it for any proper length of time!

    It's a very American thing to say (and I kind of throw up a little while writing this) but the fact your relationship was shorter doesn't mean it was any less valid. 9 months or a year is still a perfectly respectable normal time for a relationship as a ~teenager~ or ~tweenager~. That's part of the thing I learned - just because a breakup ends didn't mean you failed at your goal. The goal should never be to frantically stay together (which I really wanted towards the end, but in vain).

    I'm glad you're motivated to do something. I would say I am the wrong person to talk to for motivation, since I have a dickish relationship with it in the sense that I have the privilege to do what I want whenever I want kinda. I am much better than I was with it 2 years ago or 4 years ago, but I still feel like a useless piece of shit when it comes to motivation (and if I want to, I just teach myself because I want to and then formalized institutions have nothing to do with it - I derive more joy from playing the guitar or studying Russian than my uni studies, but I am adult enough to know that I need a job and my degree is much better suited to it).

    Being motivated is something I actually got from the previous relationship, being stuck with a girl who was 200 km and a full-time med student away from me as well as her playing in a metal band. You need some self-discipline to pull it off ;)
    I do not, but I've always thought it has a beautiful script.
    Beautiful script which incidentally confuses me.
    TCoD location project: Somewhere in North Carolina.

    Also I must say since we haven't spoken recently I'm sorry about your "crazy ex"-ness >< just from what you've said he doesn't seem like someone worth spending so much time mourning over (though of course I don't know him) which must make it hurt more. I wish you luck in getting over him (even though you said you already were - relapses?) and having romantic success in the future. And getting scholarships. :(
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