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Shiny Grimer
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  • I vaugley remembered the name LynxRunner, you said here was your favorite website in the "Favorite website" thread, and I don't remember what thread this was but you were showing some noobish posts from "another forum" and I remembered those.

    (btw I'm Mrjupiter)
    Bonjour. Je parle et écris le français assez bien. J'ai appris le français à mon école (immersion tardive). Je suis en septième année. Et, De rien.
    I'd love to provide links, but I got most of my information from books and the one site I did get something from I can't for the life of me find again. I can tell you that the Nazis took Gypsies, communists, gay men, cripples, the mentally retarded and basically anyone who opposed the regime to concentration camps, along with the Jews.
    The Jews and Gypsies were being killed off for being 'dirty', subhuman races ('The Jews are certainly a race, but they are not human"), the communists and other rebels for their ideals, homosexual men because they couldn't produce children and cripples/other handicapped people for being a burden upon society.

    The Nazis killed a lot more people than just the Jews, and it's true that not many people know that, mostly because Jewish people were the main target (six million killed! That's nearly half of the entire Jewish population!) and also because some subjects like homosexuality were still pretty taboo.
    It's quite awful, actually. While everyone else got freed, people who were on the 'gay' list were taken to prison immediately after leaving the concentration camps.

    I could tell you some things the Nazis used to do in concentration camps, if you want. It's very interesting, though it is horrible to think that people are capable of things like this.
    I'm fine, but a bit apprehensive as there are fires in southern California, annoyed, because I've dealt with my father, and a little depressed. I was at my grandma's for dinner, and we looked at ancient photographs and documents (like from the late 1800's and 1900's) that my grandma got from some older relative. The aforementioned relative's wife's death certificate was in the box, which was awesome, and interesting. It was a suspected suicide- barbiturate poisoning on New Year's Day 1948- hospitalized for four days... Man, this stuff is cool.
    I love my dad, but he gets on my nerves and we don't agree a lot of the time. It makes me sad to disagree with him, though.
    Bonjour, ... - ou j'ai vu que tu as un autre nom, Lynxrunner - est-ce que je peux utiliser ça aussi?

    Je suis très désolée pour fais-tu attendre. Et aussi, pardon, parce que ma français n'est pas chouette, donc je dois de temps en temps avec des mots vérifer dans le dictionaire. Mais c'est OK, car je suis une éleve.

    C'est cool que tu as étudie le français pour trois ans. Est-ce que tu va faire des examens?
    Hello, ...! It's nice to talk to you. Well, not talk to you, obviously, but you know what I mean!
    :D How are things?
    Eep, ..., I'm really sorry I haven't given you a French reply yet. >.< I shall do that when I get back!
    Salut, ...

    J'ai vu votre signature. Je ne suis pas natif, mais je parle assez Francais pour survivre. J'étudie (Comme Flazeah) ca á l'école. J'aime parler Francais, et si jamais ma famille va à la France, je devrais parler en leur nom!

    J'ai étudié le français depuis quatre (et un peu) ans, donc je suis plutôt bonne.

    Au revoir pour maintenant!
    Salut. ^^ Je parle un peu français; j'étudie le français à l'école, à AS level, si vous connaisez que c'est. (I know that last bit is probably wrong. xD; It's meant to mean "if you know what that is".) Donc, oui, je ne suis pas française. (Je suis anglaise.) Je ne parle pas beaucoup de français en moment, mais si vous voulez parler avec moi, l'offre est la. Si vous voulez apprendre, nous peuvent peut-être apprendre ensemble.
    Nah, I'm nowhere near fluent. But I wish I was. I've been learning for about six months, but that;s all :D
    HI! ;D I've decided to run around posting on everyone's... profile? Or maybe because your name has 3 dots... Just to say hi. :D How are you today?
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