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Shiny Grimer
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  • Hey, I'm not upset by the turn of events. x3 My mom thinks the whole "bad breakup" thing was his way of saying "no, I don't have a crush on you" without actually being so blunt. Either way, I do feel a lot better after that conversation; I'm glad I was finally able to do it. x3 If nothing happens in our friendship from now until the rest of the year - so be it. I'm just glad I said anything. :3

    Thanks for the support throughout all this, by the way. I don't think I could have made the decision to talk to him without seeing some of those posts you made around the place. :3 I'm really grateful for it.
    Thanks for the advice... I'm not sure how quickly I can get it over with but I'll certainly try to do it quickly.
    I'm ridiculously nervous already and my stomach's full of butterflies (clichéd expression but it's true). Thanks for the support. :333
    Just had a very long conversation with a friend of mine in which I tried endlessly to get her to work up the courage to tell the guy she likes (whom we're all very sure likes her back). She kept complaining that she didn't have the guts; I kept saying that neither did I, but tomorrow morning I should be admitting to my crush that I like him!

    Well, I can't back out now. Tomorrow morning I have to tell him I have a crush on him...
    This is pretty correct. x3

    Well yeah but what appeals to one person doesn't always appeal to everyone. Or something like that.

    tbh I'm not sure asking again is quite the best idea after all considering what happened the first time. I would personally love to but. :C I mean, if he said no because he honestly didn't want to go to the movie (maybe because he thinks I was trying to turn it into something romantic), then he probably won't say yes when I ask again. But I want to know the real reason he said no, but I can't bring it up out of the blue really... so I don't know what to do. :C

    that is wondrous
    A friend of mine admitted that she has a crush on him, and another friend has said that she's heard comments from other people implying that they have crushes on him too. x3

    ... he is adorable. x3

    for one thing he told me: lacrosse game/fundraiser for something-or-other/lots of homework. for another thing, asking out of the blue would be problematic. My winter break is coming up soon, and I think I'll probably ask him at some point after that. If I do ask again, that is.

    I wonder if he was going somewhere with the "everything else" bit. I would love it if he was. x3
    isn't he just ; ; this is why there are so many girls with crushes on him

    eh, I just think it could end up being a bit better looking, but that's just me. As for the tying-up thing, it was really more of a case of "taking a hairband and putting it over his head so all his hair ends up at the back of his head for the sake of shoving his hair into a hat".

    I would like to ask if he said no because he was busy, like he said, or if he honestly didn't want to go, but... :C

    So we were sitting in band class and I said something. He apparently deduced that my words meant that I was trying to challenge him to do better than me on our band concert this Thursday. He was saying that he would do better than me, and he went on to say "You'll lose your pride, and you'll lose... everything else." and I responded with "... I was about to say something there, but I'm... not... going to..." He tried to get me to tell him what I had been about to say for a minute but I utterly refused. x3
    he's the one in the green sweatshirt. His hair is so ridiculously fluffy and awesome that you can't help but love it ; ;

    that's wonderful :3 I wish I could find a picture of my crush that wasn't quite as weird as the ones I keep finding are.

    Nahhhh it's been perfectly fine with him. I even managed to (unintentionally) flirt with him last band class. x3

    apparently all the band pics this year have been on facebook instead of the website they're normally on. I don't have a facebook so I wouldn't know this. but yeah. he is hot in them. not that he's ever not hot (well unless his hair's pulled back but in these pictures it's not) but <3
    "Oh! Hey! Are you a Harry Potter fan?"


    "You wanna go see the movie this weekend?"

    "Maybe. I'll probably have a lot of homework and stuff to do - I already got assigned an essay by my teacher last period, but... I'd love to see it again."

    "I've heard it's really good."

    "It was. It was fantastic. I'd like to see it again... So yeah, maybe."

    tbh I don't think I have much to lose either, but I suppose my mom's trying to make sure nothing bad happens either way.
    That is really brave. I doubt I'd be able to work up the courage to do something like that right away. I'm happy that it turned out well for you though. <3

    This kid flirts with everyone; figuring out if he likes me based on the way he acts around me would be impossible. My mom thinks I should try the movie idea before going any further with it. I highly doubt he'll stop talking to me, at any rate; we're friends as it is, and he's way too outgoing and social to stop talking to /anyone/. I only hope he'll say yes to the movie proposal. x3

    Thank you~
    How did you manage to tell him you liked him? Was it a conversational segue or did you just blurt it out? Because my mom doesn't think it'd be a good idea if I just blurted it out to my crush, but none of our conversations can really be segue'd easily. (Not even the one that I'd intended to use as my Batman Gambit.)
    It's normal to be wimpy about this sort of stuff. :P I think we'd be odd if we weren't wimpy wimps. You can do it! I believe in you! *cheesy inspirational music plays in the background*

    They would likely just dispense more advice I don't want to follow. My mom thinks I should "get to know him better" which has proven difficult because he is not very talkative. Sometimes he acts weirdly and I don't know whether to take offense or whether to brush it off. Maybe it's a matter of time?
    Hopefully. If I can work up the courage. x3 I am such a wimp

    Would talking to your parents privately about the situation be helpful, or do you think they'd just dispense more advice you don't want to follow? Originally I wasn't going to ask my mom for advice, because I figured she wouldn't be in favor of whatever I had planned, but she was the one who suggested the movie idea! so.
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