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Shiny Grimer
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  • THAT IS THE BEST IDEA EVER but not really. Basically, I'm in two band classes: one you just need to sign up for, and one you need to try out for. He tried out for the second one, made it, but ended up in the other one because his schedule was weird. And he makes it a habit to complain to me about wishing he was in the other class. My Batman Gambit involved me saying "Oh, come on, you know you'd rather be in this class, with me. YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME. YOU KNOW YOU HAVE LIKE A GIANT CRUSH ON ME." Even if he did have a crush on me, he probably wouldn't admit as much to me. But then I'd be like "IS THERE ANYONE YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON? 8D GIVE ME THE SCOOP" and see if I can get him to say anything which would point to having a crush on anyone, so I could confirm whether he did or didn't like me. x3

    It's not really "only Mondays" so much as "the next time I have band class with him /at all/ is next Monday".

    I'm of the opinion that you might end up regretting it if you don't say something... at least, that's the kind of thing my mom tells me. But I suppose it's more difficult if you don't see him at school or anything...
    Perhaps we can continue our long conversation from The Grr Thread here because it's a bit more convenient.

    Anyway I went to my mom for advice for what to do about my crush and she suggested I ask him to a movie next time I see him (be like "hey, are you a harry potter fan?... have you seen the seventh movie yet?... oh, you haven't? would you like to go see it this weekend or something?") and see what happens from there. She also discouraged my Batman Gambit - at least, until I've tried the movie approach.

    I told her "but isn't it usually that guys ask girls out? I mean..." and she was like "I have never once asked a guy out, and I regret it." and I was like "... oh. okay. :3"

    so yeah. Maybe you could do something similar?...
    Hmm, so the commercial is also playing there.


    ARABIC. =D Too bad you don't know it, though. I want to learn for my next visit to Lebanon. =p
    Oh, thanks! ^^ Mmm, I might be bringing it back again. I was working to bring it back a while ago, but things kind of slowed down again, so we'll see where it goes. =3
    Yeah, I didn't realize that I hadn't changed the email on the contact page to the new one. I almost never use the Yahoo! one anymore. I need to get off the computer right now, so I'll reply to the email tomorrow. I have a question: your user title is in Arabic, a language I know and understand. It means the broken pen or pencil (you probably know that). How did you come to write in Arabic?
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