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  • I was o_o
    It happened twice, once was when I'd just gotten back from a vacation to Florida and was worn out.
    The second time was when I was so tired from getting up for school all the time. I went to bed at 9. There was supposed to be a chance of snow in the morning, so I got up at 6 and checked the news. No school, so I fell back asleep and got up at 12. I felt so good afterward :D
    I only use it if necessary O__O (school, etc.)
    My mom woke me up last weekend because I was still asleep at 4pm, but I still really needed to catch up on sleep. I wonder how I would've slept? And I wonder how long I might've been able to sleep this weekend if I didn't have to go places. So tired...
    So there's no way I'm getting up at 4-something when I haven't even been sleeping enough >.<
    Wait...hold that thought till next week... I forgot to set my alarm and this is not going to work XD
    Me toooo :3
    Yeah! I'm gonna DO ITTTTTT!!! I don't think they think I can, so I WILL! >O<

    ....Anyway o_o
    My dad is nervous because my other cats don't really get along with him, but my mom wants to give him a few days to see, I think. If it doesn't work out then we'll have to find someone :B
    Oh really? My friends started today :D One has talked me into trying the fasting tomorrow :o He said he'll be my coach XD
    I just went for a walk at the park. Bobo was there still so we brought him home, but I still don't think I'll get to keep him. We'll probably find a friend or relative who wants to keep him.
    Kinda like baby powder..but different. Smelled good O_O
    We're gonna go check around there later to see if he's still hangin around the area, and if we don't see him then we'll just go. But if he's still around somewhere..he's mine :B
    loool aww XD And what did kitty have to say about that ;p

    Dad took Bobo back to the park because we think he already had a home since he smelled like powder :o
    Yes, you are correct O__O
    He's staying in the bathroom will further notice, I guess...

    (i'm almost done coloring this darn thing..)
    Oops forgot about privacy setting = =
    He's a dark grey. He looks a lot like my other grey cat, but the way his fur is is like my other cats :o
    Well kinda, yeah XD
    I'm doing this thing for my creative writing class. We have to spell our name using pictures as letters, and each picture must describe us in some way... I'm almost done, but I have to color it uggghh >.<
    In other news, my Dad just brought home a lost kitten :O
    I'm the baby >o<
    They moved me from kindergarten to the first grade because my grandmother already taught me reading and writing o_o

    Junior = Junior Mints
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