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  • Thanks for the skype name <3 I added you just now (when u get my request, you get to see my favorite pink dress in my avatar, too!^^)(...unless i change it :P but i dun think i will XD)

    I also forgot to ask if your a kirby fan XD I hope we have a lot of fun on skype! I gotta introduce you to all my best friends too <3 Theres about 5-6 of us now. XD
    I have been trying, like, so hard to get other people to watch it! It always seems like such a hard sell, sadly. I should probably rewatch it over break, it's been long enough...
    I think Shiori was just kind of mean and got off on leading Juri on or something (while pursuing her own interests), and then when Ruka did the same thing to her (leading her on while totally being 100% interested in someone else) she was like ":C OH"

    Yeah... like if me and Akio were ever in the same room I'd totally lose anyway. Even after knowing everything that the characters don't. Lose what? Lose how? I dunno. But I sure wouldn't win. :I

    Ooh, Akio's my favorite too~ And, uh, Saionji is my second favorite. And between Utena and Anthy I like Anthy a little better. oh and Ruka and Juri are cool ummmmm I just like everyone! Except Shiori. She's just... mean.

    so like, is it just me or do the gen IV pixie things look a little like Juri, Utena and Ruka?
    Oh man x_x I couldn't imagine trying to understand Utena when I was 7...
    Songs can stick in your head like that! When the Disney dub of Totoro came out I remembered all the songs because I had the Fox dub on tape when I was little...

    ... So who's your favorite character? :D
    Hi, read your CC thread. I... haven't got any advice, but I hope your sister sees her soon enough. Best wishes to her!
    You hug camels?! But how can you?! They are the most evil creatures known on Earth!
    Season three was about two or three times as long as it needed to be. There were a few bits I liked, but it was usually dragging. (Pun intended.)

    I adore seasons one and two! Mostly two, but they're both great ♥
    They're pretty awesome \o/ Their romantic subplot's also one of the very few main girl and main boy romantic subplots that I actually like. :D

    All I know about four and five is that the art is pretty.
    For a while, I wasn't much of a Gourry fan. He is slightly dumb. ... He's grown on me, though.

    I still like Zel and Amelia and Lina and Xellos most :< Really, I love everyone memorable. Sylphiel sadly isn't, and neither is brown hat guy. And Filia's in the boring arc ....

    I haven't seen seasons four and five yet D:
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