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  • It and Norwegian are so tremendously like English without all the horribly intricate grammar of German. Norwegian in particular really seemed to click with me in a way no other languages ever have done.

    They likely don't document it to prevent anyone going on murdering sprees trying to break it.
    Oh, I see. It sounds like some of these are possible as part-time, maybe you could give some of them a spin?

    We're going to Stuttgart, if you've heard of the place— more specifically, Kelly Barracks. I do speak a little bit but I'm not fluent yet. I'm practising, though! It's really helpful, mainly because in my experience people get pretty pissy if you're in their country and can't speak their language (reasonably so), so it'll be nice to know it since I won't have the advantage of being eight years old.
    Ah, I see! The more you know. None of those potential jobs have particularly struck your fancy, I take it?

    We're moving to Germany.
    What kinds of jobs are even out there for your field of study? I'm... not incredibly familiar with it.

    South Carolina, right now. Terrible, foul-smelling, busy, conservative Good old America. We're moving in a few months though.
    I dabbled in self-studying Dutch and Norwegian, did a couple of irl Greek courses, and recently I've taught myself kana and am considering looking at Japanese. There are probably a few other things I've looked into that I've forgotten about as well. Out of all of them Greek is the only one I can still remotely remember very much of.
    I also got really into conlanging for a while but I was terrible at it and never liked anything I did so I pretty much gave up.

    That's right, it's absolutely criminal that I get no scientific qualification for amassing such an extensive collection of viscera. Something must be done.
    Well, I meant more languages themselves than linguistics, though linguistics is pretty darned interesting as well.

    ...so you're saying I'm not a biologist? Gosh darn it.
    Well, good luck! It seems like you're pretty passionate about what you're doing. What kind of career are you looking for?

    Myself, I have one or two years left. If I really pushed, I could graduate my sophomore year (next year), but... I'm not really sure what the point of that would be? So I'll probably graduate my junior year and do community college in Germany for a couple years. After that... I'm not sure. I don't know what I want to major in yet; I'm pretty torn between something artistic (music, visual arts, animation, theatre, &c.), and something a bit more stable (like programming, probably). Hopefully I'll figure it out.
    I guess we were all eleven-year-old idiots at one point, but that doesn't make it any more pleasant, haha. And noo you don't sound that old.

    Procrastination is... fun while it's happening, and stressful afterwards, heh. How much longer will you be in school?
    Many seemed to think the same! I'm quite alive, though, and doing reasonably well. I too have developed something of an interest for all things linguistic, but apparently not the perseverance to actually become remotely good at any one language before getting bored or giving up.
    Bright clothes are the best, especially pants. I once nearly forced a friend of mine to buy a purple shirt when I found out his wardrobe consisted entirely of jeans and white, black, and grey shirts.
    You're alive!

    Hi, this is that Meowth guy! I too disappeared but then made a new account upon my return, hence the change in handle.
    Ah, I hope it works itself out as well.

    (A quick refresher: I'm the one who had that other fake region going, which got a lot of negative (?) attention for various reasons, the main one being I was an eleven-year-old idiot, haha. Basalt and granite, if I recall. I believe you commented on it before.)

    I'm doing well enough! School and human beings are a bit stressful, but that's to be expected. What about you?
    Hi! I don't really want to bring up drama for no reason, but I guess you have a right to be informed? There was a password breach, apparently, and things are generally kind of bad, presumably because of some drama behind closed doors that I don't know about. The jist of it is that ASB is kind of on a sort-of-break (at least, the shiny new database is) until it all gets sorted out. Which basically means that, for the time being, you won't be able to register with ASB until this blows over.
    Je parle français assez bien... Je suis en la classe de français deux (a French 2 students attempt at French grammar CX)
    je crois qu'il serait extrêmement cher, et donc seuls les les gens très riches pourraient se le procurer. Et ce ne serait pas une bonne chose. Comment savoir si ce pouvoir montera à la tête et créerait des monstres?

    C'est trop dangereux; on ne peut se le permettre.

    tl;dr je suis trop paresseux.
    si l'on trouvait un médicament apte à neutraliser l'effet kryptonisant de l'oxygen, on pourrait devenir des super-héros en un clin d'oeil.
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