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  • whoa it's negative vibe and he came on here like only... eighteen days ago!!!

    if you see this message then message me back, i don't come on here like ever either so if you know a more permanent way to stay in touch that would be cool. you were the awesomest user
    Hi hi hi! You're still alive, yay!

    Hey, you know how the saying goes -- what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Maybe I'll build up immunity to poison...

    Although I am a pretty picky eater myself. This blueberry is mushy? REJECT.

    D: D: D: D: Nooooooo I hate those so much D: It's like that time I dreamt that I was in some little street shop, and I was about to eat some delicious beef noodle soup that I ordered and then I woke up. Ahhhhh now I want some beef noodle soup now, dammit.

    Thankfully, I won't have to analyze literature in college. Or at least I hope I won't... How's college life, by the way?

    DX You are too late! ASB sort of...died... I think that event was too massive and the whole thing collapsed upon itself, sucking the rest of ASB with it. It's probably for the best that you didn't get to join though, since there was a lot of drama that you probably wouldn't want to get involved in.
    We already have a battling section for that. The competitive league is more or less to pit the battlers of the forum against some of the best we have to offer. Similar to in-game.
    Ahhhh I'm sorry that haven't responded in forever! I feel like a jerk! Real life has been troublesome lately and works just keeps on piling up (procrastination doesn't help), so I've been quite busy with things. I suppose I should respond to our old conversation now!

    My theory is that if I don't die after I eat it, then it's good. And it's usually delicious, although I'm not sure about the time when they mixed porridge with... something. It had porridge in it.

    True... Whole grain is pretty good, too, but nothing beats simple carbohydrates in deliciousness. Maybe fat and salt.

    D: I hate dreams when you have delicious food but never get to eat it! The worst is when you're waiting at a restaurant for something for the food, and you're just sitting there expecting delicious good food to come but it never does.

    XD That's Crime and Punishment. I tend to misinterpret/overinterpret books, even when I don't do it on purpose, so I don't think my lit teacher is very happy with me right now...

    Due to some drama, I think the battle for asber is opening up a few slots again! I think they're all filled now, but if you can squeeze out the time commitment, maybe you can give it a shot?
    Oh, I forgot about Spottedleaf. She's a great character too.
    I was surprised when Scourge killed off all of Tigerstar's lives at once. That was epic. The scenes like that are why I find it unfair to classify Warriors as only a childrens book lol
    I always wonder what happened to Scourge when he died. One of the authors stated that he went to neither Starclan nor the Dark Forest because of his lack of faith in Starclan, so I assume he's either completely gone or he's just a ghost lurking the earth.
    I remember Starlight. That was a good one.
    My favorite characters are Brambleclaw, Longtail, Tigerclaw/star, and Jayfeather (he is born in later books). I also really liked Graystripe. Scourge was great too, but he was only in 2 books :<
    You bet your fresh kill I do. :D
    I'm on Sunset, but I never finished it. I got kind of bored with The Power of Three, I don't think it was extremely interesting. I LOVED the original series and The New Prophesy, though.
    Kind of like a homepage showing custom and new information from the forum.

    For example, the Portal at PokeSun shows the 'Card of the Day' to promote the TCG, and it shows the recent posts in the Announcements forum, as well, along with a few other things.
    Yeah, it's linked in the Advertising forum.

    It's new, but it's growing at a steady pace, and it's doing rather well.
    Also, I stole your usertitle for another forum because it's awesome (due credit given in the biography) :P
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