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  • hey don't worry about it at all! if you're interested in the future please just le me know! have a great summer and I hope exams etc. went well for you!
    Yush. :3 I've been studying a bit. More importantly, however, I'm with three friends in a house and got together with my boyfriend. Reading's a lovely town if you're a student! What's UWIC like?
    I forgot yours too! >_< Was seriously meaning to wish you a happy day, but forgot somehow. Daamn. Sorry! But thank you, and you too! Hope everything is going great.
    I know, it's wonderful! It makes me happy and sad at the same time ;;

    5km, good on you! I'm sure I wouldn't be able to manage that, especially in this heat. I can barely manage the walk home from town when the sun's out, I just want to curl up and turn into some kind of dried fruit.

    Oh, I *wish* I had soem kind of long-term job plan. I'm hopefully going to do a master's next year, so that means I don't have to join the real world for a little while (I'm graduating next week, ahhh), but in terms of an actual, grown-up job... I'm still not sure. I want to do something *helpful*. I'm sort of thinking about teaching (A-level, sociology, of course), but as a newbie teacher, odds are I'll be sent to some school in London where all the kids have knives. Plus, things like syllabus constraints would make me cry. Le sigh, I dunno. How about you? Any exciting life plans?

    Was Harry Potter (assuming you've seen it yet) good? I'll probably see it next Wednesday with my sister, because we only go to see things at the cinema on Wednesdays, because it's so expensive when it's not buy one get one free ): I'm excited for it, though! And what did you think of Torchwood? My absolute favourite bit was the American guy being all "WTF is this???" about the Severn Bridge. But most of the other stuff was good, too.
    Well, I've given to this (things like this make me love the internet and people so, so much), but I might make an extra effort to buy crap I don't need from the local Cancer Research charity shop :p So much well done to you for doing it, though - how long was the run?

    Sounds like your summer's going well! I've been enjoying mine, but my parents keep nagging me to get a job, and honestly I do want one, because I don't have a lot of money. I'm really looking forward to the final film, too; I need to make arrangements to see it - one local place is showing both parts of DH back-to-back, which would be brilliant, but I need to find some people to come with first.

    I should be going to Wales soonish to see my friend who lives in Merthyr, and if we end up going to Carfiff Bay (we did last time we were over - and we went to Barry, just to see where Nessa works XD), I shall have to try out this legendary fudge :)
    OH MY GOD, that is absolutely AMAZING you are fantastic, do you have a justgiving page or general online-thingy where I can make a donation? I want to give you ALL THE MONEY (except I don't have all the money, but you can certianly have some of it)

    Did you have a good time? What're you up to now it's summer?
    Oh my god I know. I am crying, am crying SO MUCH and I feel physically sick because of all the sad in my body.

    (will reply properly later - I'm in a bit of a state at the moment)

    :3 yeah! (Though it takes getting used to.) :B
    I went with Snivy.

    It was good! (It's fine :3)

    also have random drawing of a Ledian
    Hi (again) xD

    I got White, yay~

    And I got my...7th grade school thingies (I work in books and over the computer at home) And I'm like 10 o.0
    Haha, I've purged a few people from my FB list, but maybe over the summer I'll be all heartless and cut some more. I know some people with 600+ FB friends, and I can't imagine that they really know more than half of them.

    Uni, yes! Have you picked your firm/backup offers? What course(s) are you doing? Are you looking forward to it? I'm graduating this year (and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing next year o.o) and don't want to leave ;;

    Yeah, Rose's treatment of Mickey was a bit rubbish. I really like how Mickey came into his own by the end of the series (and wasn't the tin dog anymore, lol). Martha, too - I liked her well enough as a companion, but her pining over the Doctor was much like Tosh's pining over Owen, and she was much cooler when she decided "I'm gonna be my own person now". But Donna is my favourite non-Sarah Jane companion, and I'm still sore about how that all ended.

    I knew Ianto was going to die before I watched the series (I remember it aired when I was in sixth form and I was pretty much the only one not watching, and it was all anybody could talk about the next day - also, my housemate lives in Wales, and took pictures of the GIANT SHRINE people made for Ianto in Cardiff by the Torchwood building, which is both sweet and creepy in equal measure), but Tosh's death was a complete surprise. I thought, since Owen died, she was safe! D: Though my absolute least favourite Torchwood death was Frobisher and his family in S3. His whole plotline was so horrible and yet so well done.

    Even though Rani replaced Maria, I really liked that they still mention or even talk to Maria sometimes - it annoys me very much on shows when a main character leaves and they're just never mentioned again. I was very sad in School Reunion when Rose says how the Doctor had not once mentioned Sarah Jane. And the romantic slant they put on SJ and the Doctor's relationship annoyed me a bit, since SJ and the Doctor were absolute best friends back in th' day (till he ditched her in the wrong country and never came back, except thirty years later with a young blonde, so I do get why she's angry), but there was never anything romantic about it.

    Rani's parents are hilarious. I love all the families in SJA <3

    Oh, I'd love it if Alonso was in the new series! Except I think the actor plays one of the main characters in Being Human, so I don't know if he'd have the time. But since the Torchwood crew is a little thin now, it'd be nice if we got to see some familiar faces. Like Lois! She was cool. And they've got a bunch of Americans joining the cast, which should be interesting.
    I remember reading an article somewhere about how, since this series is going to be properly airing on American television, there were doubts over whether or not Eve Myles was attractive enough to play a main character. Which pretty much blew my mind; I love Eve Myles! I love her adorable gappy teeth and her Welshness and her falling over and her hilarious facial expressions (I kid you not, I've got an icon folder dedicated to 'The Hilarious Faces of Gwen') and she's a really good actress! When Rhys died in S1, she reacted like someone would if their husband died, with all the undignified sobbing and screaming, and at some point she gets shot, and actually reacts like someone who got shot, rather than wincing and treating it like a minor inconvenience.

    I quite like that it's in two parts - it builds the suspense and means we don't get it in one, big go. More time to properly savour it. You're right, it'd be really cool if it was the Roswell thing! And I had absolutely no idea what the kid's accent was meant to be. I think it might've been English/Scottish trying to be American and not fully succeeding?

    (Oh good! :D)
    I love Twitter so much! I like it more than Facebook because I only follow people I actually like, rather than a ton of people I went to school with when I was 11 and haven't spoken to since. I felt morally obliged to accept my cousin's friend request, but if she updates her status about how much she <3s her boyfriend one more time, I might block her forever.

    Gwen is sort of adorable, but she annoyed me during her whole "I'll have an affair with everyone!" phase. Which was especially sad because Rhys was clearly the best Torchwood character of all. And PC Andy.
    I haven't watched S2 in ages, either - the DVDs are so expensive! Everyone dying sounds about right, though. I love that, in all of Torchwood, Gwen is the only character who doesn't at any point die. Jack died and came back a lot, Rhys died and came back once, Suzy died and sort of came back and then died for good, Owen died, hung around for a bit and then properly died, and then poor old Tosh and Ianto died and stayed dead.
    For all it's silliness, you've gotta respect a show that takes 'anyone can die' to that kind of extreme.

    I bought the SJA DVDs on a whim, because I'd finished all of Doctor Who (the new series, at least - I watch the old-school stuff on Youtube when I'm in the mood for glacially-moving plots and hilariously fake dinosaurs) and Torchwood and thought I'd check out the other arm of the Whoniverse, and I think it might be my favourite. It just seems to be more consistently good than the other two, despite all the cheesiness.
    I feel like a terrible person for even noticing SJ/M, it's true (but it's there, I swear). But Luke/Clyde - which I think is called 'Cluke' among the fandom? - is adorable. And I like Rani, but she'll never replace Maria ):

    The only way they can do a literally 'nobody dies' thing (at least that I can think of) is to makes everyone have the same thing Captain Jack does, where if someone was squished by an anvil, they'd sort of regrow from the bits like Jack in S3. Which isn't particularly pleasant, and would also mean that nobody would age or whatever, which would raise a whole bunch of other problems. We'll have to wait and see!

    Actually, I think you're right, it will be an Autumn thing, I'm getting ahead of myself. But it's not too long till we have more Who! Have you seen the trailer for the first episode they've posted, with the President (I think it's supposed to be Nixon?) in the White House? Very exciting stuff :D

    (apologies for how ridiculously long this is; I got sort of carried away with the Whoniversey love)
    I love Twitter to bits (after all, what other site lets me know what Stephen Fry is doing/thinking/eating at any given time on any given day?), but it's not the best for conversations, so I thought I'd bother you here! :D

    Tosh's pining after Owen was adorably pathetic. I drew my housemate a picture of Tosh giving an uncaring an Owen a sandwich and saying "Love meeeeeeeeee" and we agreed that it sort of summed up 90% of Tosh's role in Torchwood. Sadly, because she's pretty cool otherwise! And maybe it'd be a bit less pathetic if Owen was a more likable character? You can do better, Tosh!

    Oh, god, speaking of SJA crushes; before I watched SJA, I acknowledged it was by RTD and sort of expected everyone to have two dads, and was a bit surprised by how un-gay the whole thing was until I realized that Sarah and Maria have a disturbing amount of ridiculously inappropriate subtext o.O

    Have you been keeping track of the news about the new series of Torchwood that's happening, uh, sometime? The premise is that, one day, people on earth just stop dying. Which is pretty interesting, I hope they pull it off well!

    And eeee, more Sherlock in the summer! :D
    Umm...let's see...the budget was $260,000,000. Wow. And the gross revenue was $558,414,178. Okay.
    o-o ONE MORE FACT: Tangled was the second most expensive film ever made, only passed by Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. o-o
    XD I officially am interested. A Disney Princess wielding a frying pan as a weapon? :D And from your avatar, Pascal is the cutest thing ever second to Bachuru :3
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