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  • I can relate (: I got to some weird point of depression where the only think I could think of that I cared about was this one tune I had stuck in my head for a few years and stuff.
    Also I found a recording I've wanted to give to you for a few months- I think you'll like it- I'll upload it and send it to you (next comment). XD It's Five Folksongs for Soprano and Band and it's really really cool.
    you're cool. i'm only saying this because I overdose on Anathema and you actually kind of like anathema which is cool. I think. i'm obsessed now help
    ): I'm not talking about your back. If it seems so, forgive me!

    :D Hi AK!
    Ah, sweet, I was in Anime Club when I was in high school. Best two months of my after school life. 8D;
    <.<! Jesus?...Are your parents trying to put you on a path towards enlightenment? XD; God, parents should know they can't do that, especially if the child is completely unwilling.
    Whoa, whoa, whoa, you were in private school? o.o! News to me, completely. Tell me about your ventures. 8D
    I'm alright. Just sorta floating through life at the moment. Nothing all that exciting. How about yourself? ^_^

    Are you banned, or not banned? Stop jumping across that line over and over, it's making me all emotional. XD;;
    Hey, I was wondering... In the IRC Regulars group, you mention an IRC chatroom... But not the address, you know, the thing that is "irc.blabla.com"... Cans I have the infos?
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