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  • Ahhh! You replied! 8DDDDD
    I was beginning to think you'd forgotten me, stranger. :P
    Ahhh! xD

    It's been too long since we last had a good and proper convorsation. I'm going to Nottingham mid-week and coming back late on friday. I hope we can talk properly again soon. Whenever you have the time, give me a poke and I'll give you some links to compositions of mine. 8D
    Hiya, bunch of things to show you.

    ...Ookay, well only day 5 and a few half-compositions.

    How's life? :3
    Cryssieeeeee? ;;

    Where did you go? :<
    It's just not the same without you around! D:!
    'Sup, Cryssie. Remember me? Probably not. xD

    I just figured I'd pop by and say "Hey".

    So, uh... Hey! *shot*
    Hehe, I've never played HalfLife, but Gordon Freeman makes me giggle because I always get him muddled up with Morgan Freeman and people laugh at me XD

    Aww, don't get stressed out about not hitting a daily target; you're the NaNo expert, not me, but given you'll probably get much more done on the weekend, look at it week-by-week to see how you're getting on.
    I feel really guilty for not doing it this year; I admire all you guys so much~ I'm considering having my own NaNo, possibly in January, because I have most of the month off, and I'm going to try an art version (where I have to draw a picture every day) in November. Should be fun~
    Hehe, I love this one too (though it's less funny because I don't know the character)... you're the only person I know who can attempt to write a novel in a month and still have time to make spritey thingies of motivational characters XD
    How many have you already made?
    It's fine but let's keep in closer contact from now on? Eh? xDD

    Lots has been going on! :3
    Cryssie! :3

    You're alive! Ack! It's so weird without you around to talk to! I haven't been able to moan to you about AS courses and all that jazz or show you music etc!
    CRYSSIE! I haven't talked to you properly in ages! It's like you've vanished! :<
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