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  • Okay. If you do decide you want to stop, it's perfectly fine. Just let me know.
    Hey MD, just wondering whether you're still interested in your tournament battle against Eifie. I'm going to be looking to get the tournament going again soon.
    Okay, how about... 9:00 PM, your time, tomorrow? (And hopefully I'm handling the time zones correctly, I'm notoriously bad at that. :X) I could do a couple hours earlier/later if that would work better.
    hey so today's SMBC is pretty appropriate for your return to the land of meatballs and cheerful furniture
    Oh, huh, I thought that was for the ASB awards, but I guess the prize for that was just money, huh? Alright then.
    Hey, at some point I need to know what Pokémon you want as your prize for the latest tournament round. (No rush if you haven't decided yet; just making sure you know.)
    It should be up on your Buy Pokémon page. Let me know if it checks out OK.
    Hey, I think I wanted to ask you about this when you posted the Undertale medley in your music thread, but I don't think I ever got around to it? I was wondering what sort of equipment you used to play and record the songs, since the sound quality and everything is a lot better than what I got when I tried to record my friend's keyboard with my phone (which is probably understandable, but.) Sorry if this is a weird question or anything, I was a little curious!
    Hi, you have a little more than 72 hours to post commands in your battle with uv. Post in the Absence Sheet or let me know if you need more time.
    Yes! I was just discussing things over with Nira; I want this action to be a concerted effort, a real neato thing, y'know?
    You claim to not know it? How could that be? Perhaps your mama has said it, but you have forgotten it, like usual? Now listen, my friend. It is wrong to take lives that belong to others.
    I was monitoring Jack's friends list, because he asked me what the friend function does and then suddenly acquired friends :O
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