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  • This very thing was brought up back in my 2011 welcome thread, all those years ago. I did not like the implication back then either, since no-one was willing to let go of the 'hilarious' joke. Please don't start beating that dead horse again; it's already ossified and it will only make a mess. Even worse if you do it in an Announcement thread.

    I just wanted to say i won't bring this up again. lol i didn't realise that that was some sort of annoying joke back than. Sorry ;)
    Please don't take this as anything other than what it is: an invitation to look at an old conversation. I got fairly irate.

    However, since it's impossible to carry the entire content of a long-lived forum around in your head at all times, it's vanishingly unlikely that you had any prior knowledge. Think no more of it.
    dude i remember you from like 8 years ago. welcome back
    Considering that your last post on my wall is visible just below my current status, I can see that you probably do. I also had to double-check my math and confirm that, yes, it is roughly 8 years and 6 months since I was last here. That is a long time remembering someone who was here for less than six months. I'm very flattered. :)
    ha! you're welcome! hope things are going well for you! i've been doing a lot of reminiscing and was, like, JUST looking at your profile last week or so. i'm just psychic, i guess
    So. I lost my password back in 2011, and found it just a few minutes ago while looking through an old, old notebook. I wonder what email I was using back then?
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    These things are one of the mysteries of like that may be better left unsolved.
    (Don't even ask what i was thinking when my old email address was AwesomeLime812@redacted).
    Oh, no, I found it. But I remember inputting it into the password recovery portion of the site, getting nothing, and then thinking I was mistaken. I believe I shall set up the 'ask every time' option on my browser so that I have to remember the password instead of lazily letting my browser handle it. I got locked out last time because my browser updated.
    I miss you. I don't know why, but I can't stop thinking about you. I only posted this.
    God, I don't know why I posted this.
    I don't know why I'm so obessesd, so dissapointed that you're not on.
    I guess I thought you could help me, make me feel happy again.
    The way you talked, like a theraspit, I...
    I just hope nothing bad happened to you.
    Haha, can I just say that you are officially awesome and one of the few people here who seems to have common sense? /just saw the thread where the 'drama llama' was crying about not getting enough attention. Good job.
    I'm going to ask you to stop examing everything i say.
    Even Frued admitted a cigar could just be a cigar.
    *Evil Laughter* Sounds good. Obviously, they won't do it all the time, but you know. Lookin' forward to Arcane getting off Unova, then!
    I just had a thought about Maeror Astrorum. Arcane isn't the friendliest social butterfly, from what I gather, and Mitch is kind of a reclusive person as well. People such as these tend to want others to trust them without having to trust others (If that makes sense). I would assume that neither of these two ever gave each other complete trust, and that frustrates both of them just a bit.

    I wouldn't say I imagine them having a rivalry, nor would they be enemies, but they would feel a bit of distrust and contempt for one another, maybe have a few heated debates over god-knows-what. Does that sound like fun to you?
    by the way, i bug people about such things whether they've been here 8 seconds or 8 years
    i'm not trying to feel big and clever about anything, i just heard you like memes so i memed your meme so you can meme while you meme.

    you are taking this way too seriously lmfao
    Yes, i agree. There can't only be 'X' number types of people.
    That's what's annoying about personality tests.
    hey y'know what
    the point of my post was that you used a really really old and lame phrase and it was embarassing and you should feel bad for using it. every single visitor message you have left me is only increasing the embarassment. how do you sleep at night.
    you cannot say "meme" when referring to something that is not typically an internet thing.
    Good. I'm enjoying your company, and for once, i don't feel pressured to push my fan fic on you.
    Any questions about the site that need answering?
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