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  • Oh that's good!!! I'm doing pretty well! I just got a new job and I'm getting married next year and also have a cat so I can't really say I have any complaints

    Well, the world seems to be falling apart st the seams, but you know, other than THAT
    hey god i'm sorry i'm coming at you with a HORSE AVATAR but i'm just vising here after years and years and saw your old posts on my wall and gosh. i hope life treated you well! sorry to get all sentimental, i'm just nostalgic
    Hey, happy birthday! I don't know if you still check here, but I hope you had a good day.
    Great to hear! The first few weeks are definitely the worst, but it generally starts going uphill after that. Just gotta take it easy. I really hope your results turn out well.

    And thank you for the birthday wishes!
    sounds like me, i went to the mental hospital cause i was convinced that nobody (none of my friends *or* my ex) gave a single shit about me so "why don't i just kill myself???"
    saw your fwee thread post and i know it was fwee thread, not grr thread, but i just want to say that people tend to say "you didn't mean shit to me" out of anger or hurt, not necessarily meaning it. my ex meant a lot to me, more than almost anything else, but i was pissed off after he moved on so quickly and i realized he had been kind of a dick so i told him "i hate you" and "relationship didn't mean shit to me". i did hate him (not so much now, now i'm just humiliated) but the relationship meant a lot to me, i just wanted to hurt him badly because i was angry. could be the same with your ex! i'mmmmm not sure why she'd still be doing this after a year but idk, i can't make comments about you guys' relationship since i don't know *anything* about it. just throwing my thoughts out there.
    also just saw your grr thread post. if it helps i don't hate you!! that probably doesn't mean much since you're really talking about real-life interactions but i think you're pretty cool and you should stop being so hard on yourself.
    i remember the tv = tree quote but i thought he was somehow more of a mastermind than that
    why does he harass you xp
    oh yeah an unrelated question, who was creepy_kecleon and what was his deal? the name is very familiar but i never knew exactly what happened since that was either before my time or when i was new to the forum and didn't know anyone, idk
    fortunately i'm getting better. i'm texting chalumeau and other internet friends to distract myself and focusing on being happy rather than having love in my life and i feel so much better than i did when i was at the hospital haha.
    not really, no. but nidokingu was 18 when the light mightyena thing went down and i'm 18 now and all i can think looking at him was "jesus what a drama queen, that upset over an internet relationship with a 13-year-old girl?" and then i remember how i was in the hospital and it's like :VVVV i should stop now
    13 is not a great age for anyone to be having an online relationship it seems.

    also on another note, still reading through the light mightyena thread and deretto made this comment:
    "I still believe that they have a chance. Nothing stands in the way of true love."
    this is hilarious in retrospect for so many reasons
    it's sad how drama at that age is like THE END OF THE ENTIRE WORLD (see: light and nidokingu) but really it's like "this is life. it goes on no matter what"
    although i shouldn't be talking, i was in a mental hospital a few weeks ago for trying to kill myself for issues that had their root in my breaking up with my ex ~_~ but i'm better now haha
    wow jeez sounds like you don't have good memories of that.
    that was well before my time so i know nothing about it but i must say the details of tcod relationships never cease to interest and amuse me :p
    (and i'll delete the banner from that post haha)
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