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  • MEOWTH...

    aw why do you have to have the same name as someone else who's been gone :(

    Anyway, hello!
    Lol, it's completely fine. Would you happen to be new? I've never seen your face around here. XD (I tend to use smileys a lot) I don't get on very often anymore,as color guard eats my life takes up a lot of time.
    Hmm... *goes on Serebii to look up Zoroark's stats bc I haven't competitively battled in forevar* It's base stats are as follows:

    Hp: 60
    Attk: 105
    Def: 60
    Sp. A: 120
    Sp. D: 60
    Spd: 105

    I know Adamant raises attack and lowers special attack, and if I'm not mistaken, Jolly raises speed and lowers sp. a?

    It really boils down to this question: What are you using your Zoroark for? if you want it to be a physical sweeper (which I wouldn't really recommend as it has higher sp. a) then Adamant would be best. Jolly would be better for a Pokémon that is a physical sweeper, but outspeeds a lot of things (so probably not Zoroark) The two natures I would recommend for a Zoroark are Modest (+Sp. A, - Attk) or Timid (+Spd, - Attk)
    Interesting! You'd certainly stand out considering the other characters. If you end up joining this one, I'd love to plot with you. Insanity can lead to many things~

    Hmm. Well, I'd like to say it involves tragedy and malice, but looking from the outside it might just be a bunch of ridiculous characters. To be completely honest it's pretty much a shitstorm of a drama-fest, but I'm pretty sure almost everyone enjoys it. I think the characters are fairly well-developed; you should probably read through it yourself. Tell me if Beauty seems like a horrible character, will you? I love playing her, but obviously the output doesn't always have to be as great as the concept.

    Not much has happened, really, and you'd be fine to join in. All that really happened was that the royals (Beauty, Angel, Rafael, Claudio) plus Phish (Lirris' character, who is a general) had a meeting about the succession, Angel insulted Beauty (she freaked out), the meeting disbanded, Beauty went back to her room and had a breakdown, then she dumped what she broke in a trash heap. That irritated a gyarados (Alabaster) into attacking the city; the gyarados was defeated but caused a lot of destruction. Beauty stayed to help clean the city up, while Phish and the two brothers had a meeting wherein it was revealed to them that Beauty caused the attack and it was demonstrated that she was unstable. The meeting was interrupted by Claudio and a starmie (Reiki, the dead king's nurse), and also Beauty recruited a relicanth (Tur, a historian) into helping clean the city up.

    That's about it.
    Pretty much, haha. I've been in it since the second game, and it's still great. Maybe my dogged perserverence at being addicted is what makes me somewhat good at it; I feel confident at it despite my usual incompetence at strategy games and such. That's a disappointment, but a perfectly reasonable one.

    I, personally, love melodrama potential in my RPs. As long as we're talking about the characters, of course. It seems wonderful, although for some reason I'm intimidated to join. RPs almost all die on TCoD, sadly. The closest we had in a while was Sanctic, which was nowhere near finishing and was abandoned due to general length plus GM issues. It's starting up again soon, but not on this forum due to the creator leaving.

    I'm not in too many roleplays at the moment, but I think I'll take the time to advertise Tides Under Siege (in character thread here). It's been going steadily for about three months, which is good, but it's also slow-moving and small. That could be taken either way. Anyhow, it's drama-filled (the kingdom is in trouble and sibling rivalry oh no!) but also extremely fun to play with; my character is completely insane and it's wonderful! :D I can sometimes take a while to post, but I'm pretty invested in it anyway.

    Also, Beauty is an edited old character. Nostalgia has probably given me much more love for her than I should, but either way I'm looking forward to messing around with her sanity more.
    You seem super-cool, so. Hi, I'm Mai!

    Mafia is a great strategy game in which the informed minority (the mafia) tries to kill off the uninformed majority (the innocents). The town tries to win by lynching off whoever they suspect of being mafia in the day, while the mafia tries to lynch off innocents or generally act normal in that timeframe. The day is the only time everyone can talk, typically; the mafia are the only ones who can communicate privately in vanilla games (although it has become the norm lately to allow everyone to use out-of-thread communication). In the night, which is when the game typically starts, is when the mafia communicate and kill as well as other roles sending in "night actions" of some sort. For example, there are typically doctors who can prevent a certain player from being killed, or inspectors who can tell if a player is innocent or mafia...

    I highly recommend you give the game a shot; I'm pretty much obessed though. A more thorough explanation of the rules can be found here, but you have to join the mafia usergroup before you can join a game.

    ASB is just like battling, but more in-depth. Pokemon can use their entire movepool, even event moves and egg moves, so if you want easier pokemon it would be wise to go for gen. I introduced pokemon. I don't have more to say on that subject, though.

    Also, are you interested in signing up for more roleplays? I have a few recommendations, if so.
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