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  1. Zoroark

    AI-generated monstrosities

    ...Murkrow, why is there a straight picture of Trump under the first spoiler?
  2. Zoroark

    Answer A Question With A Question

    Why not?
  3. Zoroark

    i have like less than a week left of being a teenager

    Congratulations. Additionally, numbers are arbitrary. If you want to continue thinking you're a teenager, go ahead and creatively forget when your birthday is for a couple of weeks afterwards. If you need help with the webpage, may I suggest looking up W3Schools? They have a comprehensive...
  4. Zoroark

    Act like you did when you were younger.

    - wanders around with a book in front of their face doing everything one-handed, while remaining totally unaware of anything social-, sport- or internet-related. Especially doesn't speak to people if they can possibly help it -
  5. Zoroark

    Answer A Question With A Question

    Why would any self-respecting space pirate be friends with Sailor Moon?