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  • oops, I totally forgot to look at IRC after greeting you. then again, considering you called me the vilest of names, perhaps you deserved it :O
    Hi, you have a little over 48 hours to post commands in your battle with uv. Let me know or post in the Absence Sheet if you need more time (although my absence will probably end up being relevant in your case.)
    Well, after mine closed Zhorken edited my bank balance with a note saying "the rest of your tournament prize", so I'm assuming I close the battle as normal and the extra prize money gets modded in.

    you really smell like dog buns

    :O But I would not know who it was truly holding the labelled-- I mean, pristine and unmarked item!
    (oh yeah, if you want to borrow a Lucky Egg or a Dusk Stone, I have multiples so we could do that!)
    Intrigue! Perhaps you could whisper them to the ref to have them subtly tweak things behind the scenes!

    Hoo-hah! While our last may have been a battle of muscles, this one shall be a battle of wits! See how you can make the future bright now!
    Okay, kind of long. Here we go:

    Format: 1v1 quadruple
    Style: extremely, extremely cool.
    DQ: 7 days
    Damage Cap: 30%
    Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, direct healing, Pain Split. Attacks and abilities that rely on gender can be used, but will fail. Chill can be used, but does not restore energy.
    Arena Description: The Tree of Dreams

    At the center of a clearing on the Island of Dreams lies the Tree of Dreams, an ancient tree rumoured to grant wishes to those who leave offerings of berries at its roots. The area around the tree is pretty unremarkable; it's covered entirely in grass, but this being the Dream World, Pokémon are able to summon the resources to use any attack of theirs that they please (save for banned moves), and Pokémon that normally need water to move around will have no trouble maneuvering on this terrain.

    Before the battle begins, the tree is willing to grant each Pokémon a wish to grow stronger like its friends. Pokémon will, for the duration of the battle, be transformed into any stage of their evolution line that their trainer chooses, and have access to all of that stage's moves and its dream ability in place of their own. Each Pokémon will be disguised as another Pokémon in its trainer's active squad, akin to the effects of a permanent Illusion. There is no way for the opposing Pokémon to see through or remove this illusion; their trainer can only try to guess what species the Pokémon really is from the events of the battle.

    Additional Rules:

    Status Conditions: Sleep and confusion can be inflicted at most once on each Pokémon (self-inflicted statuses do not count for this). A sleeping Pokémon will sleep for at most two actions before waking up. A confused Pokémon will hit itself in its confusion once on its next action after becoming confused, then be cured of the condition. Paralysis can cause at most one failure to move, but speed is decreased and the condition fades as normal.

    Intriguing Illusions: Sendouts, along with the Pokémon to be disguised as and choice of held item that the trainer owns (if applicable), will be PMed to the ref before command order is posted. Each Pokémon is in disguise, and will be described as carrying out all of its actions as if it was the Pokémon it's disguised as (even if they don't make sense! This is the Dream World, after all. The Feebas in it are perfectly capable of using Wing Attack and Jump Kick.) and all of the information displayed in its summary (sprite, ability, etc.) will be that of that Pokémon. Actual type matchups, Inherently/consensually hovering/flying status, etc. will still be that of the actual Pokémon.

    The ref is requested not to provide any details about individual damage and energy calculations, only the final tallies. If, say, a Pokémon's actual ability is activated (for example, Guts), the ref is requested not to mention this in the Pokémon's status; the other trainer will have to try to notice it on their own from the events of battle or final tallies! Basically, the ref is asked not to reveal anything or give hints about any Pokémon's actual identity (like, idk, putting something like "The Sneasel giggled in a very non-Sneasel-like way reminiscent of a dog Pokémon" or something in the flavour).
    Oh yeah, do you have any preferences about how many Pokémon to use or anything? I thought maybe a 1v1 might be better because the arena is kind of complicated so I don't want to put too much on the ref, but I'm not sure.

    edit: Also maybe a lower damage cap (30%?) so that we get lots of time to play WHO'S THAT POKÉMON mind games?

    edit edit: Also also, I'm thinking maybe instead of full-out banning sleep and confusion, we can do something like, sleep can only be inflicted once on each Pokémon and lasts for at most two actions. Confusion can only be inflicted once on each Pokémon and a confused Pokémon will hit itself once, then be cured of the condition? Something similar for paralysis, too, but we should probably keep Attract banned so a Pokémon's real gender stays secret. :o

    You know... I should probably just send you a draft of the challenge, haha.
    I see you got those fun new friends you were considering a few weeks ago, so that should help with things! Let me know whenever you feel like battling and I can put a somewhat simplified version of that challenge up :o For one thing, I think I'll just strike the illusion wearing off entirely, because that sounds way more fun.
    How would you feel about a battle in which we spend the entire time trying to convince the opponent that our Pokémon is actually someone else sometime? :O The possibilities for hilarity are endless. I've been dying to try something like this out.
    Okay, if you definitely want to use Exeggcute then we'll keep them both unevolved! Either way, I guess my Sentret will be excellent target practice for your egg squad. You could say she volunteers her massive frontside for the battle.
    What if I use my Sentret? Both will have neutral STAB, so that might be fun. If you want, we could have the arena temporarily fully-evolve our Pokémon instead of devolving them so I can redact the thing about no single stages, or we could have weasel vs. three-headed coconut tree shenanigans.
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