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    Oh, thank you. XD Finally 18 myself, I'm getting old now.

    Well, I've been doing well lately. I'm heading off to college soon, so I have to get ready and stuff. :o

    P.S. You should add me on MSN. :D
    P.S.S. Applesauce.
    oh poop. sorry I didn't reply. :c

    I signed up for something called Dual Credit in my school. I'm going to take English IV as a college class. I just hope they don't assign too many essays or research papers, I hate the crap out of them. @_@

    I have been sucked into Team Fortress 2 lately. It's messing up my sleep schedule a bit, I've been getting to bed an hour later then I should be. But it's so much fuuun especially when all my friends are online. I have Digital Graphics and English stuff due, but meh.

    Watchmen! I saw the midnight release of it. It was pretty rad. :D Have you read the comic?
    Oh, nothing much; just wasting ungodly amounts of time away on video games, floating through school, nothing particularly exciting.

    How be you? Is college big and scary or just like high school?
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