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  • hehe, I might as well give it a go. though I'll have to see about a web-based IRC client because I'm away from home atm.
    probably because it has lots of lambdas in it. it's a fixed-point combinator, specifically curry's untyped y-combinator.
    Show up to read my message or something! I just found that letter you sent me some million years ago. That was pretty awesome.
    It'd punch a few things in the face, yeah, but not much more than looking at the LJ community ever would do. There're a bunch of spoilers mentioned, but it's mainly for "this guy exists".

    On the other hand, a few mention a major Future Arc spoiler, but future arc is terrible on many levels and it was pretty out of left field. So. Anticlimactic plot twists....

    idk really :(
    Mugen was pretty cool too; the fact that he and Jin were pretty much exact opposites made for frequent lulz.
    Indeed it is! :D

    I love it too, but I haven't seen it in forever. I've been meaning to watch it again for a while.
    *accepts hand*

    Well, it goes, I suppose. My, what wonderful prose; hark, my tongue is producing beauty like that of a rose~

    rhymin'. sup?
    oshit, there's this conversation thingie.

    shit was easier back on pre-crash TCoD. ):

    Consider yourself in good company, btw. I utterly fail at Touhou as well. I just adore IOSYS.
    I have like, five of these, and... my twenty backgrounds. >:3

    I swear they breed ;_;
    I'm fine.

    Although, it's not こんいちは, it's こんにちは but whatever

    Yes. I honestly don't know why. Nostalgia and old habit, I guess. I don't really know what I'm doing here these days; I'm not very well-liked any longer and I have plenty of other things to do, really... but you know how it is...

    Hrrm. Sorry to hear you've been feeling stressed. I hope you'll be okay.
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