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  • Never read the comic, but I saw the movie!
    I was going to read the comic before hand, but I just never got around to purchasing/borrowing/stealing a copy. Then I pondered about purchasing/borrowing/stealing/downloading the animated DVD version, but never got around to that either. XD;

    I enjoyed it. I honestly thought it could have been better, but! It was still pretty darn rad.

    Pssh, English and Digital Graphics < Team Fortress 2. Even though I have yet to actually play such a game. But any game in general that keeps you up an hour after you should be in bed, must be worth it. seriously. :P

    So, how is English IV? Assuming you've already started. =)
    Is college like high school? No, in a sense of how personally dependent you have to be regarding setting up your schedule. You don't really see an adviser, you just...get a form, fill in the classes, turn that form in, and hopefully, assuming your choices aren't full, you get the classes you desired. :P

    So far, education wise, I'm finding it rather boring, and repetitive. Especially last year. It's kind of just reviewing concepts you've learned in high school thus far. I kind of regret not doing the "Running Start" program my high school offered. It allowed you to take college courses for free during high school. If only I knew...

    As for things outside of school? Meh. Like you, I'm seemingly just floating around, with no real direction. Just pondering "what's next?" Also been extremely lazy lately, not really wanting to do *anything*. I have an essay due on Monday, that I told myself I was going to finish this weekend. I haven't started yet, and it's already Sunday. Then, I also have to write a Sonnet, that's also due on Monday, and I also have Chemistry test that I'm probably not going to study for, because anything regarding science just seemingly isn't my cup of tea. Just been feeling really down lately, I don't really know why. v.v Bright of side things, I hope I get to see Watchmen this afternoon. =D;
    "Photograph" came randomly during a shuffle session on my iPod today, and I suddenly found myself wondering how you have been lately Zyn. So...what's up? ^_^
    <NWT> Do you have fantasies about attractive men or women explaining derivatives to you?
    <MidnightDS> then call mister "megasuave" minamimoto's dating service hotline
    <NWT> ..."We shouldn't be divided, why don't we go and multiply?"
    Here we go again~ I feel like I'm on facebook with this friends feature thing. Aaaah. >.<
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