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Recent content by Zyn

  1. Zyn

    Bin Laden- Dead

    I like this quote my aunt posted on facebook by Martin Luther King Jr. also I had to listen to how he was dead at work all day today because the news was playing and it was kind of depressing. okay, I get it! he's dead! mission accomplished! but al Qaeda is still out there able to do stuff :/
  2. Zyn

    Suggestions Zynstuffs

    'sup dudes how's it goin' not much? well me too. I have a few meager offerings for you. Lady!Smoker and Lady!Hunter, drawn for zarla. ginormous sketch dump. it has kitties! everyone loves kitties. adorableness ♥ I blame my boyfriend, for being so cute.
  3. Zyn

    Are you in a relationship?

    I am. ♥
  4. Zyn

    Behind the Avatar [SELF PICTURES GO HERE]

    Skirt~~ ( /wo)
  5. Zyn

    Nosy Birthday Question

    Loving and giving. :3
  6. Zyn

    Behind the Avatar [SELF PICTURES GO HERE]

    It's okay, I was lazy and forgot to ask my relatives if we could go to DC, so I am also bereft of opalhair :(
  7. Zyn

    Shower Questions :D

    I love showers. Sometimes I'll just stand around and read a book or sing or dance or something. So fun~ I'll take around 30 minutes to an hour 'cause I daydream and stuff, but no one ever yells at me for it unless we have to be somewhere or something. I like Suave Berry Smoothie shampoo and...
  8. Zyn

    oh poop. sorry I didn't reply. :c I signed up for something called Dual Credit in my school...

    oh poop. sorry I didn't reply. :c I signed up for something called Dual Credit in my school. I'm going to take English IV as a college class. I just hope they don't assign too many essays or research papers, I hate the crap out of them. @_@ I have been sucked into Team Fortress 2 lately. It's...
  9. Zyn

    Suggestions Zynstuffs

    blorp~? wolf-akasaie + ... pandacat? Grim Reaper Lady again, 'cept this time in both Art-Project-O-Vision and Pieced-Together-from-Multiple-Scans-O-Vision! GLaDOS thing idk background?! these things have nudity in them (oh my): elf lady winged lady with whom I futzed around with the anatomy in...
  10. Zyn

    Suggestions Zynstuffs

    Finally got a scanner. <3 aadffdsa so excited. finished dragonthing winged girl 'nother winged girl Midna 'nother Midna Zoey from L4D Grim Reaper Lady? Axetinguisher Pyro :3 a scoot Rescanned some things that I liked but were hella blurry before. blah Scout 'n' Pyro Hunter 'n' Witch
  11. Zyn

    Oh, nothing much; just wasting ungodly amounts of time away on video games, floating through...

    Oh, nothing much; just wasting ungodly amounts of time away on video games, floating through school, nothing particularly exciting. How be you? Is college big and scary or just like high school?
  12. Zyn


    Pretty much every fruit, except bananas. They're just... blegh. Green apples > Red apples. Berries are the best though. mmmm strawberries :O~
  13. Zyn

    Behind the Avatar [SELF PICTURES GO HERE]

    I like this picture. Pretty hair~~ Digital Graphics class assignment :E
  14. Zyn

    Suggestions Zynstuffs

    [ whines loudly about her lack of a scanner ;_; ] nother art project progress! blurry Witch and Hunter :[ Scout says, "Say goodbye to your kneecaps, chucklehead!" Pyro says, "Mmph?"